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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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My Cyberpunk Office
Posted Mar 5, 2012 - 9:45:20

Cyberpunk DeskI wrote an article in 2010 about how we seemed to be living in a cyberpunk novel. I stand by that assessment more and more, day by day. The strongest example for me though, is my desk.

My desk has evolved into a bizarre hodgepodge of layered equipment, monitors, and computers.

When I wrote that article about the cyberpunkification of the world, my desk looked like this. Since then, as time has gone by, and mostly with a recent set of upgrades (including a fantastic new chair) my desk now looks like this.

Now, to be fair, it's not as complex as it looks. Two of those monitors (the Commodore 64 monitor and the Packard Bell monitor) are displaying the exact same data - as the idea is that no matter what work screen I'm currently on - be it the XP machine in the middle (which is owned by my employer) or my MacBook Pro - I can see what's on that screen. My iPad isn't always perched in that spot either -- it floats around my desk, depending on what I'm using it for.

That desk though, combined with the minifridge full of caffeine, multiple VOIP phones, the ancient computers strewn about the place, and some other nerdy accessories... it makes me realize I've inadvertently created a room worthy of the pages of a William Gibson novel.

Someone told me my desk looked "cluttered" which I found amusing, as (to me) everything on it has a purpose. I mean, I spend 8-9 hours a day sitting at this thing - I don't want to have to move stuff around every time I want to change gears. This is the space in which I work my normal, real world job - as well as the space in which I produce my webcomics. It has to be able to do everything -- and so far it does.

But because of this, and because of my technological integration, I've ended up embracing the cyberpunk setting I've cast this world into more and more. If a guy working what is effectively a boring 9 to 5 office job ends up with a set up like this... it makes you wonder what everyone else's looks like.
- Traegorn

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It's very Serial Experiments:Lain.  You need the bear hoodie, though.  Mine's starting to head this direction, too.  I have two machines on my desk and I often bring my work machine home.  It's all perched right next to the main cord hub for the house (internet, phone, entertainment gear, etc)  I've made a valiant effort at taming the cord mess, but to no avail.
It's weird, I'm actually going in the opposite direction.  My desk keeps getting less and less tech piled to it.  Right now I'm down to one PC, my smartphone, and a wireless keyboard for my HTPC.  I guess that comes from A) computing power ramping up enough that I no longer need multiple machines at my desk and B) I get sick enough fighting the code demons at work that anything more then web-browsing and the occasional game are more work then I'm willing to put out in at night.

Though I suppose that'll change in a month or two when my Raspberry Pi's show up.  Then I'm sure my desk will be cyberpunking it up for a month or three while I get them set up and/or hammered into whatever cases I can think to put them in.
Scifi - You have to understand that this is my WORK desk. After work, and then comics are done, I actually just use my iPad most days.

Trae Dorn
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