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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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An Overdue Upgrade
Posted Feb 29, 2012 - 8:25:16

photo.JPGSo yesterday, something I've been anticipating for the last week, finally arrived at my doorstep. It was, of course, my new 13" MacBook Pro.

It replaces my now aging mid-2007 white MacBook, which (still running Tiger even) is getting a bit long in the tooth. My old MacBook wasn't bad per se, and frankly it still does a lot of great stuff, but with some of the work I do, I just needed a faster processor.

For example, converting a video file on my old MacBook in FFMPEGX took around two hours. If I had several to do, I'd queue them up before going to bed and just leave the thing running. The new machine? That two hour process took twelve minutes. Twelve friggin' minutes.

I have been living in darkness, and now I have seen the light.

There are, of course, adjustments. I've had to turn off Lion's "Natural Scrolling" which inverts the scrolling on the track pad. It's not that I don't want to embrace it, it's just that since I spend eight hours a day using a Windows machine for work, it's hard for me to switch back and forth on the fly. Until I can invert the function on my company's archaic Windows XP machine, I'm going to keep scrolling old-school on my new machine.

All in all though, I'm loving the new machine. I've moved all of my data over, and installed all of my weird software like Controllermate. I am, in less than a day, fully involved with the new, shiny computer.

And it is awesome.

My old MacBook isn't being retired though. Crysta is going to take it into the University and make it her lab computer. Because of that, I'm currently, as in while I type this, installing Snow Leopard on it. It has the minimum specs for Lion, but I don't know if we'll bother right now. Mostly I just want her to be able to run a current web browser on the thing.

So yeah, that happened.
- Traegorn

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Three words Trae....I hate you
I apologize for having nice things. :P
You has Mac things...hence why you suck.  I still very much miss my Mac Book Pro.  I do hope you'll use a computer cooler on your new baby.  The Pro ones like to overheat.
It actualy seems to run cooler than my old white MacBook did

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