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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Second UnCONventional book is here!
Posted Feb 10, 2012 - 16:33:43

CIMG0346.jpgSo, for those unaware, I've been hard at work at UnCONventional's not-all-that ambitious second print collection. Today I got the second, and thankfully final proof of the book in the mail, and after verifying that all of the strips will now print correctly...

...I'm putting it up for sale.

It's $20 this time out (well, $19.99 online technically), but that's because it contains the full color "I Hate November" storyline (there's also a higher page count, as many of the comics are just plain larger in Chapter Two than Chapter One). To make the second book a little more worth your while, I've also included a few pages of bonus content - some of it might actually be interesting to you.

It's not much, just some character profiles, some random notes interspersed throughout the book giving background information, a couple pages on the the world, and my infamous Con Survival Guide.

Although if you are reading the comic AND you don't know how to survive a convention... I honestly want to meet you, as you must be a very special person.

I managed to get this installment out about a month and a half faster than I did with Chapter One, but I still feel like it took too long. For Chapter Three, I think I'm going to aim for getting the book out by early January. If I were really smart, I'd put the book together as I created the comics - so I could just send off the files to the printers immediately after the last strip of the Chapter went up.

Y'know, if I were smart.

In any case, I present to you my second book, available right now. It will also show up on in about a week - but it's not going to be any different (or cheaper). Also, please remember that UnCONventional Chapter One is still available for just $10 as well if you haven't picked that up yet.

Because it's kind of awesome.
- Traegorn

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Now I'll get this and then bring both the 1st and 2nd book to you at No Brand Con and have you sign both of them. Unless you're selling this book at No Brand then I'll maybe buy a copy then.
Well..looks like I need to buy something when I get my taxes back :P

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