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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Keep Your Arousal To Yourself
Posted Dec 12, 2011 - 9:11:24

CensoredThere's one thing I've learned from my years of participating in online discussions. One thing that seems to never go away. Whether it's on message boards, social networking sites or comment sections, the instant any person, character or drawing of the female persuasion appears - some jackass is going to openly state exactly how hot he thinks she is.

What's worse, is often these comments get really specific about what said dude thinks is so attractive about said drawing (notably, in the comment section of one of my favorite comics a guy thanked the artist for drawing the character barefoot, as he has a foot fetish).

Now, issues of male privilege and the inherent patriarchy which has led to this phenomena aside (although, these are real things at play here too), what makes these bozos think I, a fellow straight guy, want to hear anything about what gives them erections?

I don't know if they've realized this, but the rest of us have eyes as well. We can tell whether a woman is attractive or not, and it's not really something that needs to be discussed. Frankly, their need to share makes them downright creepy -- and I can only imagine how it makes said commenter look to any women who might also be reading.

There's no way for it to not be weird too -- If it's a real woman being discussed, then it's creepy and dehumanizing (I'm not talking about saying "She's really pretty" but stuff like "Look at those tits!"). If it's a cartoon, then it's even weirder, as said woman isn't even real.

Heck, I know for me that many of my comic characters are expressions of parts of my own psyche (including the female ones), and that means I consider them part of myself. I don't know if that's the same case for other cartoonists and writers, but I can only assume that it is for some of them...

...and this is why I'm glad that I usually draw stick figures.

But I've gotten off track here. The point to all of this is, frankly, if you get turned on by something, you don't need to share it with the class. The rest of us don't care, and it makes you sound creepy. Not only that, but making said comments is kind of the singular biggest guarantee that you will never get to actually touch a real woman as well.

If that's not motivation to stop, then I don't know what is.
- Traegorn

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Fair enough. I'm glad i never really commented on something in that kind of way.
Reading this gave me an erection.
Makes sense. There's very little to be aroused by in River Falls, and you have to take it where you can get it.
I was going to say that Admiral Hayworth is TOTALLY HOT but we know people who would actually think so. Which makes me wonder: if your other comic is toward the anime crowd (and knowing the fringes of that), why would you make a squid your main character if you object to their objectification? :P
I actually don't think my stuff resembles anime all that much in Crosarth... The eyes are big, but that's about it.

In any case, cephalopods and steampunk have a close relationship that I didn't come up with :P

Trae Dorn
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