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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I Hate November Begins
Posted Oct 31, 2011 - 11:57:02

I Hate NovemberI've mentioned it in the blog before, but as the actual storyline begins tomorrow, I figured I should actually address what's about to happen in UnCONventional over the next month. During the course of the month of November, UnCONventional will be running a serious, non-comedic storyline called "I Hate November." It will be in color, it will be five days a week, and it (frankly) is a departure for that strip.

And I hope you guys don't hate me for it.

Right off the bat, I'm going to promise you we'll return to lighthearted con humor come December 1st. So if you do end up hating this storyline, the comic will in fact resume. But I've been wanting to dig more into the actual lives of the characters, so I'm taking this opportunity between chapters to do so.

In "I Hate November," the story will be digging mostly into Lynn, with a little bit of Max... but this is mostly a Lynn centric plot.

The world of UnCONventional is deeper than the wacky hijinks of their con world. I think part of this is simply that I want to explore the depths of the characters - these are real people with real problems. As a writer, I see the whole person as I come up with the normal gag strips that populate the comic, but I know a lot of readers don't.

Any maybe you don't want to see the rest. Maybe this is a huge miscalculation in storytelling... but hey, I'm going for it anyways. Never say that I'm not willing to take risks with the text.

So here we are, in a grand experiment.

When you read I Hate November, please remember that just because a character is our protagonist, it doesn't mean she's always right. Lynn tries to do the right thing, but she's an imperfect human being.

Of course, that's what makes her interesting to write about in the first place.
- Traegorn

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