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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Random Art - Lynn at 17
Posted Aug 19, 2011 - 9:30:07

Lynn from UnCONventional

So today I present to you a familiar UnCONventional character in an unfamiliar way. It is, of course, fan favorite Lynn in the way she looked when she was 17.

As I mentioned in the last couple "random art" installations (here and here for the curious), Chapter 3 is going to have some heavy flashbacks. The events ending chapter 2 will also include some (mild - like just a panel or two) flashbacking as well to a decade ago.

Now, with Phil and Max (who were around back then in story), I'll just be using their current character designs to prevent confusion. Lynn on the other hand provided a bit more of an issue.

As I've mentioned before, Lynn appeared in Full Circle, a defunct piece of web-fiction I did with some other people a few years back. The events from it are canon to UnCONventional (albeit unimportant ones for the most part). Lynn's appearance was a bit different back then, and you can see what she looked like at age 21 here. We meet Lynn at age 25 in UnCONventional, and while the appearance is different, it's not an unlikely shift in fashion choices (and it includes the necessity of a shirt that hides her tattoos that would be otherwise visible on her arms and hip if she weren't a stick figure).

The question then became though, if Lynn is going slightly more mainstream every year, and we know what she looked like at 21... what did she look like before that. And considering fashion in 2002... this seemed like the likely result.

(Frankly, it's a bit more fishnet than I would prefer, but when you're drawing stick figures, bare shoulders just end up looking dumb.)
- Traegorn

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Yeah this 35 year old body wouldn't look good in that...but that's really cool looking Trae.
Contrary to popular belief, I don't design Lynn clothes based on whether or not I think I can get you to cosplay them.

If that were the case, she'd have ended up in a Chicken suit long ago. :P

Trae Dorn
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