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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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On Star Trek
Posted June 15, 2011 - 11:47:30

CIMG0265.jpgThere are some things in life you never forget - your first love, your first car... and, for those of us who are geeks, your first fandom.

My first fandom, of course, is the undyingly awesome Star Trek.

I don't talk about it that much these days - heck I rarely talk about it online at all. This blog has over 900 posts in it, and the phrase Star Trek only appears in eight of those entries. That's right, my biggest obsession in science fiction has appeared as a term only eight times. That just boggles my mind. It doesn't help that there hasn't been a new series on the air since Enterprise's finale in 2005, but still.

Knowing that I love Star Trek I think is fundamental to knowing me though. When we were kids, my sister, brother and I would play make believe. My older sister Jennifer would (of course) insist on playing Kirk, but that didn't bother me - as I always wanted to be Spock anyways. Spock is, and always will be, my favorite character in the original series. His very nature is infinitely relatable to most of us who are geeks - he's intelligent, and while he's a valued member of the crew, he is in many ways perpetually an outsider by his very nature.

As someone who even in the supposedly inclusive social situations always felt like I was an outsider looking in, that character always felt closest to my heart.

There are so many clear memories of mine where I was watching the show though. I remember that the first feature film from the franchise I was was Star Trek IV, and it was at a drive in movie theater. I remember as a kid when Star Trek The Next Generation premiered when I was seven, and I had to learn a whole new cast of characters. I spent most of my life absorbing the mythos, learning the starship classifications, and studying interstellar politics.

I'm kind of rambling at this point, so I should probably wrap this up.

I've been rewatching the 2009 J.J. Abrams film, which I love to the core, and eagerly anticipate the next installment. I still wish we had a weekly series in either of the two timelines (Prime or New Movie), but for now the films will do. I do hope Trek can return to the small screen eventually though... if it does, I'll be the first to tune in.
- Traegorn

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