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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Thoughts on Anniversaries
Posted May 2, 2011 - 10:08:26

CIMG0057.jpgI thought about writing about Bin Laden today (and I did talk about it in The Daily Trae this morning), but instead I thought I'd talk about something more cheerful instead. Why? Because if you look anywhere else on the internet this week, you're sure to end up reading about the death of one of our generation's greatest monsters - and while it's a big deal, it's also not exactly the world's most cheerful subject.

And I aim to be cheerful.

Looking back at things, I've noticed I tend to start things in the middle of the year. So this year, there's a cluster of important anniversaries all happening at around the same time. I started to think about this because my one year wedding anniversary is coming up rather soon, and that's a bit of a big deal. But it's merely the top of the list of things though that are finding significant dates rather soon.

For example, and this is the easiest to think of, No Brand Con just held it's tenth event. That's one I'm particularly proud of reaching it's tenth year. The fact that a random idea a bunch of had a decade ago is still going strong (and is self sustaining) is kind of incredible.

Amusingly, and on a far less impressive note, this week will also mark the tenth anniversary of the very blog you're reading right now. I was twenty years old, and I was replacing the old hand coded news section of my website. Early entries are a bit weird to read, as I don't think I'd really decided what I was doing with this space for quite some time -- but there it is.

Another random milestone coming up in June is the fifteenth of TRHOnline as a site in general. Sure, absolutely none of the original content is still here, and it's only had it's own domain name since 2000 (and it moved URLs about three times between 1998 and 1999), but none the less - this website will have been around for a decade and a half come June.

Of course, as stated previously, none of these are as important to me as my upcoming wedding anniversary with Crysta - but it's a bit amusing to think about the timing of it all none the less.
- Traegorn

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That's pretty cool that all these anniversaries land on the same year with some number on consistency.

And to be honest, while Bin Laden's death is a big deal, it is good to move on a bit from it.

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