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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Real and the Fake Glenn Danzig
Posted Apr 26, 2011 - 10:55:38

The Real DanzigI always find it amusing when people don't realize that recurring UnCONventional character "Glenn" is directly based off of real world rock star Glenn Danzig. I mean, I shouldn't be too surprised - it's not exactly like the readers of my webcomic are necessarily the target demographic of the former Misfits frontman's music. And while Danzig is a pretty important name in the history of Punk and Metal, most people wouldn't assume a version of him would appear in stick figure form working on an Anime convention's staff.

It's funny though, because when I started the comic, and the only readers were people who knew me, most got that Glenn was supposed to be Glenn Danzig at an instant. This is because I've been making jokes about him for years (like you'll always see him as the final option of the polls on this site, regardless of context). New readers though just have the context of the comic, and it would be silly for me to assume that even die hard Danzig fans would recognize the character.

This is because while the Glenn Danzig of UnCONventional IS supposed to be the aging rock star, his life isn't exactly the same as his real world counterpart.

See, the real Glenn Danzig is still recording music in his mid-fifties. He's still touring, releasing comics, and doing tons of stuff. The man is, by any definition of the word, successful. Fake Glenn Danzig on the other hand is a version who retired from music a decade ago. UnCONventional's Glenn Danzig is a man who got tired of the limelight, and figured the only place he wouldn't be recognized was running equipment for an Anime Con in the middle of nowhere.

Some might find it a curious choice, but I did it for two simple reasons. The first is merely that Glenn Danzig's public persona is downright hilarious. Just watch any interview he's ever given and you'll see one of the most interesting characters put on this planet. The second reason is, simply, because long time No Brand Con equipment head Paul (aka "The Herald) is almost the exact same age as Glenn Danzig.

I only think about this today, because Glenn got his first actual line in the comic. A person on Facebook made a comment in which I realized he didn't know who Glenn was supposed to be. I wrote the comic so, y'know, it should still be funny whether you know who Glenn is or not - but I somehow was still assuming that layer was more obvious than it was.

So there you go.
- Traegorn

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I don't know why but for some reason when I look at the picture all I can see is John Travolta...and it horrifies me.

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