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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Post-Convention Musings
Posted Apr 20, 2011 - 11:03:40

CIMG0199.jpgIt's always weird right after a con, but especially after one you help run. You spend all year building up to it, and then after three days of excitement... it's over. You're back home like none of it happened. Sometimes "post con depression" kicks in, but even if it doesn't you inevitably feel weird.

No Brand Con is a major part of my life, as it has been now for over a decade (it took more than a year to plan the first one, so yes -- I've been doing it for more than a decade), and it's very strange once I think about the whole thing.

Traveling to get to and from No Brand Con is a bit of a hassle these days, as Lafayette, IN isn't exactly close to Eau Claire, WI, but again -- totally worth it. I'll be writing up a full con report this year (likely just text), and I've decided to skip writing up Anime Milwaukee.

Why? Umm... don't ask.

Funnily enough, at No Brand Con I learned about a convention in Indiana. Not just in Indiana, but in a hotel I literally drive past every time I go north to Wisconsin or Illinois. It's called RamenCon, and I'm definitely considering checking it out. Likely I'll just get a day pass (as their Artist Alley is full), but hopefully it'll turn out to be a good event. It's just a short drive down I-65 either way, so there's that too. I don't do any cons in August anyways, so it seems like an easy add to my calendar.

And it will be a good place to promote LEXPO, the one day convention I'm trying to help out with in Lafayette in September.

So... yeah -- there's that. You should also come to LEXPO by the way. It has a very "early No Brand Con" feel to it so far, so I'm excited. In any case though, I need to get back to work. Real life beckons me to actually pay attention to it for a while.
- Traegorn

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What does LEXPO stand for? What is it not abbreviated?
Lafayette Pop Culture Expo
Wouldn't that be LaPoCEx?

Lapo Sex?  Hmm.... Anyone tell me what a Lapo is?
Ask your parents. :P
I find it a tad ironic that you have been naming your fictional cons after food, and then I walked past their table in the vendor room, and was like ramen..mmmm ramen
It's actually only luck that I picked Yakisoba over Ramen too :P

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