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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I'm running out of Science Fiction
Posted Feb 14, 2011 - 9:46:37

CIMG0056.jpgI like watching SciFi, and I consume it at an alarming rate. It makes good background noise while I work, and I enjoy it quite a bit. Lately though, I've been running out of things to actually watch that I haven't already seen. I guess spending most of my life watching genre fiction has caused me to already be familiar with the vast majority of science fiction and fantasy programming that's been made.

I'm not talking about just the major series, like the Star Trek shows and the X-files, but also B-level lower budget affairs like Starhunter, Sinbad Adventures, Team Knight Rider and Viper too.

That's right, I watched Team Knight Rider. It was like me and three other people, and upon revisiting it... man was it awful. An "EMP Gun" shouldn't shoot fireballs, that's all I'm saying.

I guess the point is though that I seriously have watched a lot of stuff.

After rewatching Starhunter (twice), I decided to ask the internet for suggestions. So I sent this out to Facebook and Twitter:
Can someone suggest for me a Live Action SciFi series I HAVEN'T seen from the last 20 years to watch? #IveRunOutOfSciFi

Sadly, the only responses I got were "Fringe" (a show I have tried and didn't like) and "Being Human" (which I am already watching - but hey, at least the person knew my tastes). In the end I started watching the remake of "Survivors" - but I'm already almost finished watching all of the episodes.

I guess it's just one of the frustrating things with having niche tastes. There is, by default, less stuff for me to watch.

So as I watch the last episodes of this post-apocalyptic drama (a particular favorite sub-genre of mine), I sit here with no idea what I should watch next.

Yes, this is mildly frustrating.
- Traegorn

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Earth 2? Red Dwarf? sliders?
seaQuest DSV? Space: Above and Beyond?
Earth 2 - seen it
Sliders - seen it multiple times
Red Dwarf - seen in multiple times
Seaquest - Seen it so often, I prefer the 2032 season
Space Above and Beyond - Seen it.

Also, before anyone suggests them -
VR5 - Seen it
Mercy Point - Seen it
The Chronicle - Seen it
Dead at 21 - Seen it
Jake 2.0 - Seen it
Mutant X - Seen it

Oh god... I can keep going...
I'll try getting my scifi comic idea published and drawn. Then maybe it'll catch on and become a cartoon to listen too while you work. Plus it has politics too.
I hear you there, I just thank the gods I'm not a fan of those are some folks who are hard up for new genre TV.  The closest I think they've gotten in years has been Firefly...yeah I said it Firefly.

In the meantime I'll spin the wheel and suggest Charlie Jade and Jeremiah.  But truth of the matter is that it's probably easier to just hit wikipedia list of science fiction television then play "the have you ever?" game.
As I'm Mr. Super Post Apocalypse, of course I've watched Jeremiah... but...

...I've never heard of Charlie Jade.

A new challenger has entered the arena!
Sadly I can't throw anything in on the scifi side of things, but post-apocalyptic?  Have you seen The Colony on the History Channel?  (I think it's HC anyway, it's been a little while)  It's a reality TV show but it's amazingly well done and engrossing.  Basically they take this group of people and drop them in the middle of a post-apocalyptic city (didn't catch how they made that happen but it IS a post-apocalyptic city) complete with marauding gangs, make-shift weapons, food shortages, etc, and see how they survive.  I have no idea if it's on currently but the few episodes I managed to catch were very cool. (They modified a truck to run on steam!)
Discovery Channel, not History - but yeah, I'm familiar with "The Colony."  I watched the first season beginning to end, but only caught part of season two.  It's a pretty good show.

You know what show I wish they had made more of? The Last Train.  That was pretty good.
Hurray, I suggested one that worked!

Oh and I'll go ahead and apologize in advance and let you know that Charlie Jade did the "extended hiatus into oblivion" thing and never came back after the first season.  So set sail for unresolved plot and television piracy because as far I know while it was shown in the US it never hit a DVD release.
An exotic one:

Lexx - The Dark Zone


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