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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Two Blogs You Should Be Reading
Posted Jan 19, 2011 - 10:54:13

I spend a lot of time promoting my own stuff in this space -- which, y'know, only makes sense as that's part of the point of this very blog -- but I sometimes feel like I don't do enough to point you guys towards some of the other awesome stuff people I know are doing on the internet at large. So rather than talk about the latest storyline in UnCONventional or whatever random thing I've pieced together in Irresponsible Irreverence, I thought I would show you two of my favorite blogs run by friends of mine.

Fake N BakeFirst of all, I want to point you to Fake 'n Bake. It's maintained by an old friend of mine from High School, Anna, who builds props professionally for theater productions. The tagline for Fake 'n Bake is "A blog dedicated to casting and molding, and the crafting of faux foodstuffs for theater production," but spends most of it's time on the latter half of it's mission.

For the most part I think I like it do to some bizarre fascination I've always had in the back of my head for prop items. Illusion is fascinating to me, and to see the creation of things that appear edible, yet are completely the opposite... well... that's just neat - y'know?

In any case - even if you don't have any sort of theater background, learning how these non-edible pieces of art are created is just plain old fascinating.

So go. Go read Fake 'n Bake. Well, do it in a minute - I have another blog to point you to as well.

Mayhaps TrufaxThe second thing I'm going to point you towards is a bit different - it's a blog written (and, well, drawn) by my friend Julie called Mayhaps Trufax. It's a blog of stories from her life that she also supplies (rather brilliant) illustrations to as well. She's only been doing the blog for a little while, and it's not always the most consistently updated, but when she does put stuff up... well... it's worth reading for sure.

I know Julie from the con-scene, and first met her back in 2004. I've always found her artwork fantastic, so I'm happy that she's finally sharing some of it with the world at large.

Her story telling is fantastic though, so I recommend you go on over and start to waste some time on her hilarious blog.


Go do it now.

Or else she might cry or something.
- Traegorn

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Is that..... Banquet frozen dinner????? WANT!  I don't care if it's fake food or not!!!!  So delicious and convenient!

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