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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Musical Dalliances
Posted Jan 12, 2011 - 11:02:58

CIMG0119.jpgLately I've been working on quite a few songs. Originally I was planning on making the next Lt. Snorkel release an EP (like the previous release Inverse Proportions), but between what I've already recorded and what I have written... well, let's just say that putting together enough tracks for a full length "album" is going to be more than possible.

As I plan on putting out the third Lt. Snorkel release in the spring though, it means that a lot of the stuff I've already put together is just sitting on my hard drive, not really doing anything. And since the entire construct of an "album" is kind of silly anyways in this digital age... well, I thought I would put out some versions of the tracks I have already.

There are three songs I'm going to share with you today, each in many ways very different from the others. Like the previous things I've put out, some will be intentionally funny - while others are sound experiments. Two of the tracks were written for the soundtrack of No Brand Con's plot videos this year as well.

Mind you, these may not be the final versions of the tracks - I may do additional tweaking (or rerecord entire portions) before I put out "final" versions in the spring. So consider these tracks, in software terms, Release Candidates. They might be finished, but there may be changes before the final release.

Without further ado though, here are three tracks from the forthcoming "Four Vagabonds and a Goat:"Now these are very different tracks obviously. The first, Darkness Rises, was obviously written for the first No Brand Con plot video - it's merely meant to be a building crescendo with minor tonalities... and it does it's job. That song is the only real "sound experiment" I intend on putting on the album, so don't worry, I won't make you sit through any other pieces like that (although I personally like it).

The next song, Dies Irae, is also from a No Brand Con plot video. This one is a bit different. I'm still working on it, so if anything this is a bit of a rough draft of the full piece -- but you'll get where I'm going here. I rarely write serious songs, and I'm experimenting with them a bit on this album. The title (and chorus) of the piece of course are in reference to the Dies Irae poem sometimes found in Requiems (modified slightly to fit the form and rhythm of the song).

Finally we come to the third track simply titled Won't Hesitate. Won't Hesitate goes back to my simple humor -- I wanted to write the cheesiest dance song I could think of, and then make the lyrics go down a bizarre path. There's nothing much to describe about this piece beyond that though.

Remember when listening to these that no real instruments were used making these tracks. These are 100% synth and generic samples. Even the guitars are fake. Especially the guitars.
- Traegorn

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