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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Goodbye Ford Escort
Posted Jan 5, 2011 - 10:42:45

Ford Escort LX (1996)A week ago I sold my beloved Ford Escort. It was a strange thing to do for me, but it had to be done. The front left tire was totally fragged, and to keep the thing road worthy I was going to likely have to buy new tires for the thing - and I swore I wouldn't spend that much money on the car ever again.

So up the ad went on Craigslist. I priced it what it was worth minus the cost of new tires, and within fifteen minutes of the ad being posted I got a call. The guy offered me what I was asking for the car, and after work that day he came by and picked it up. He's going to part it out, so it's seen it's last days on the road... which is sad... but it's all for the best.

Frankly, that suspension was probably going to give any moment anyways - I wouldn't have felt as comfortable selling it to someone who intended to drive the thing.

I only owned that car for just under a year and a half, but I am really going to miss that thing. Sure, it had no cruise control, hardly any horsepower power (being the LX version of the car), the worst suspension ever, slow leaks in half the tires, broken switches galore, weird noises, and every so often the speedometer would just go insane and start flipping back and forth in an insane frenzy. Sure the thing broke down on me on multiple occasions when I was hundreds of miles from home, and more money has been spent on repairs than what I initially paid for the car...

...but it was my car, and I loved it. It was the "Gardenmobile" in the No Brand Con 2010 plot, and I put a good twenty thousand miles on it in that almost year and a half. Heck, I drove that car between Eau Claire and Lafayette straight, without stopping for more than bathrooms and gas, on multiple occasions. It was a charming little car, and I'm going to miss it.

Now sure, since we bought the 2011 Nissan Versa it had been mostly resting in a parking spot, but it's just so weird that it's gone. It's odd that the not quite green, not quite blue vehicle and it's identifiable dent are gone from my life... but hey, it had to happen. The Escort was always intended to be a temporary solution, a car I bought because the Van was no longer safe and I could purchase it in one paycheck. I had hoped to keep it longer, but its time had come.

Goodbye, my wonderfully terrible monstrosity of a car. Goodbye.
- Traegorn

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