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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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2010 in Review
Posted Jan 3, 2011 - 14:07:35

Like I've done for the past several years, I've put together a brief montage of drawings, photos and videos summing up my 2010. It was an eventful year, in which I got married, moved, and did a bunch of other stuff too (including five conventions). So, for your entertainment: my entire 2010 summed up in just a few minutes

Click Here if Video Doesn't Load

Music in this entry is "Requiem for Justice" off of the last Lt. Snorkel release I put out in 2010 as well. So the music I guess is very much a part of that year too.

As I've said a bunch of times, including earlier in this post and in the video itself, 2010 was a massively huge year for me. Besides the obvious massive monumental things like getting married to Crysta and moving three states, lots of other things have happened too. I completed a full year of my webcomic UnCONventional, I helped run the ninth No Brand Con, I got my first new car... it's just a lot.

Ah well, that's enough looking back - let's instead look forward.

2011 is just a few days old, so who knows what kind of a year this is going to be for me. I'm excited to find out though. It has a lot to live up to, comparing it to 2010 - but I think if it's even a fraction as good as 2010 I'm going to be very happy.

Back to living in the future.
- Traegorn

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My mom says that 2011 is a prime number so that means it should be a prime year.

I hope I can get a job and better life this year. I finally found out the source of my depression last year and I hope this year I can accomplish what I need to fix it.

Trae Dorn
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