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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Holiday Travels
Posted Dec 27, 2010 - 11:32:24

ParrotCrysta and I are back at home from visiting Milwaukee and Chicago this weekend. Family holidays are, inevitably, a mix bag of emotion. There's the joy in seeing everyone, but travel itself is stressful. Overall, it was a nice Christmas though, and I'm not about to start complaining about it.

Late Thursday night, Crysta and I drove up to Milwaukee. The drive was thankfully uneventful, and fairly uninteresting. We did spot a bunch of knock-off iPods at an Oasis - inside a game amusingly named "Knock it off" -- but that's about the most interesting thing that happened there.

I could go into a complicated description of various holiday plans and party details, but honestly it's not really something that's all that interesting to most people. Here's the quick, one paragraph version of events instead:

On Friday we stopped by Crysta's Dad's house, then went back to my parent's where we had a Christmas party with my mom's side of the family. On Christmas day my immediate family exchanged gifts in the morning, and then that night we drove down to Chicago and spent time with my Dad's side of the family. On Sunday, we drove back to Indiana.

What that doesn't mention was the absolute blizzard we had to drive through on our way back to Milwaukee from Chicago on Christmas night. Visibility was nonexistent, and the roads were terrible. As there were seven of us, we were in two cars -- with my parents and my brother in my dad's Vue, and my sister and her husband in the back seat of Crysta and my Versa.

When I say that this was an unpleasant driving experience, it is an understatement. And there were quite a few accidents on the road as well - which always makes me ask, when the road is dangerous, why do some people insist on driving like jackasses? There were many times when some idiot would zoom up in the snow and cruise past and what was frankly an unsafe speed.

Now my car is covered in salt residue, and badly needs a washing. That drive though reminded me of all of the terrible weather I used to drive in my years in Eau Claire. I will say the Versa handled it better than any of my previous cars would have... especially the Escort.

So how was your holiday weekend?
- Traegorn

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I've driven that Milwaukee-to-Chicago drive in a blizzard before.  That was one of my least favorite driving experiences ever.  Of course, it was to go meet Alex Ross, so it was still pretty sweet getting my copy of Kingdom Come signed by him (as he's notoriously reclusive).

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