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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Approaching Merriment
Posted Dec 20, 2010 - 9:47:28

Christmas TreeCrysta and I were behind schedule getting our holiday decorations up this year. We kept meaning to, but we kept putting it off. Well yesterday, just under a week to the big event, we finally dug the lights, tree, and ornaments out of the blue bin we store them in, and finally got out stuff out.

I'm glad we did.

Christmas to me (and yes, as I have to point out every year, I'm a Wiccan but I celebrate Christmas as a secular, family holiday - that's all the explanation you're getting this year) is all about the build up. It's about the anticipation of the event as much as anything else. It's about getting excited and "decking the halls." It's about that ball in the bit of your stomach because you don't want to wait anymore.

It's about the approach of merriment as much as it is about the merriment itself.

So by decorating and getting things ready, it helps me really get into the spirit. Next thing you know, I'll be playing Christmas songs and wearing the Santa hat around the clock. I will likely be incredibly irritating to anyone around me -- but man, will I be having a good time.

I've had years where I didn't prepare for Christmas, and I just launched myself headfirst into the actual holiday, and those years never really felt as real for me. Fortunately this year, with Christmas on a Saturday, I have Christmas eve off of work - which means I don't even have to drive on the 24th. It means there won't be a hit and run Christmas for us this year, which is nice.

So this is my advice: If you celebrate a holiday, get yourself excited. Create the build up yourself, and make the season brighter. Heck, it's the darkest time of year with Yule tomorrow, you should make sure that the world is as bright as we can make it.

Man, that sounded cheesy. Sorry about that.
- Traegorn

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