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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Twenty-One Cent Bill
Posted Nov 15, 2010 - 10:24:48

Stuff.Over a month ago, Crysta and I consolidated our cellphone plans to a family plan on AT&T. Before that, she had been on AT&T and I'd been on Sprint. When we made the move, I had just paid off my Sprint bill, but apparently a tiny fee had generated (or maybe a couple of delayed text messages or something) and I was left with a bill for $0.21. That's right, a twenty-one cent bill.

This was no big deal, or at least that's what I thought...

...until I tried to pay it.

You have to understand that quite some time ago I switched to Paperless billing. All my bills were accessed through Sprint's website. I've never paid any way other than online, so it made sense to do. Well, when I went to pay the twenty-one cent bill, I logged in to Sprint as per normal. It gave me the welcome screen, and had the links to pay my bill. So, I clicked on it.

...and got a bizarre error telling me to update my profile.

This was not good. I hunted through the website, seeing if there was a way I could correct it. There wasn't. I also looked through the site to see if there was a billing number to call (as I knew regular customer service was likely busy... as this was Saturday, when Sprint was having a problem with there network in Wisconsin). No dice.

I gave up and decided to try again on Sunday, which was the day the bill was actually due.

I fought with the website again on Sunday, and was unable to make any way, when I finally noticed the tiny "chat" button up top. This was my way in I decided, so I clicked on it. After sitting on "hold" for a few minutes, I was finally connected to "Michael" - of course, I'm sure they're all "Michael" - who finally began to talk to me about it.

During this conversation "Michael" said something that was hilarious on unbelievable levels:
Michael Y: Sure, as you have canceled the account, you won't be able to access the online account since it also has bee closed, you can dial *3 to make the payment.
That's right, I was supposed to dial *3 from a phone he just acknowledged didn't exist anymore. It hurts my brain so much. To be fair, he was helpful, and finally did solve my problems in paying my twenty-one cent bill... but man... talk about reading the script.

But the thing is settled now, and I won't have to deal with Sprint's broken website again...

- Traegorn

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That totally happened to me when I canceled my Sprint account (isn't being married awesome??). I logged in one day because I just wanted to get any outstanding payments squared away, and whoa everything was gone.

But then I wound up owing nothing, so it was great!

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