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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Managing Marcus
Posted Aug 18, 2010 - 7:53:25

 So this week in UnCONventional Marcus, former central character of Room 825 and Full Circle, is making an appearance. He's been brought back for purposes of continuity (although I'm sure that it's not something anyone would have noticed) and won't really be dominating the plot at all.

Now, most of UnCONventional's readership didn't read either Room 825 or Full Circle, so for them Marcus is just some random character being tossed into the story. For those of you who really don't care about my earlier projects (especially since they've sort of disappeared from the internet), don't worry -- it's not really important. Everything you need to know about this character will appear in the comic.

It's weird though to resurrect an old protagonist for what is essentially a cameo. It's hard to keep myself from dedicating a lot of time to him, as I'm just so used to using him as a central character. Part of me wants to talk about what he's been doing. Part of me wants to talk about when he moved away, why he moved away, and what's kept him away from his friends for so long. But I can't. This strip isn't about Marcus. Marcus is not a main character, and I've only got so much time for my current storyline.

It's very different than when I brought back Lynn. Lynn was brought back as a main character. There's a lot about her I want to work into the story, but I have plenty of time. She's not going anywhere, and I can pace out the details as I see fit. Marcus though is going to just make some small appearances and not be seen from again. I have no time to develop him beyond "Co-founder of Bork Con, Moved Away, Close Friend of Lynn."

And that's too bad.

Marcus is always a funny character to me. He admittedly started out as an author proxy in Room 825, but his appearances in Full Circle diverged him from my own personality quite a bit. I have a habit of designing characters in pairs, where the two combined represent my point of view or personality, but neither one individually is really meant to be me. Full Circle had Marcus and Lynn for that very purpose -- but Lynn's been walking around on her own for months in UnCONventional. In fact, UnCONventional is purposefully not designed that way, and it's a bit of a departure from other things I've done for that very reason.

Well... that and the stick figures.
- Traegorn

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