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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Limited Social Interaction
Posted Aug 6, 2010 - 11:41:35

 So one of the biggest problems with living in a new city is that, frankly, you don't know a lot of people. It's funny, before we moved here I was coming up with plans to go out and try to make new friends -- but the instant we got here I just got... well... lazy.

Katie and Kenny stopped by on Wednesday on their way to Gen Con. This was probably the largest social event we've had here in Indiana, and it's with people we know... from Wisconsin. Katie was just dropping off the photos from the wedding, and that means I should have the online gallery up soon. They only stopped by for a short time, as they had to get to Indianapolis still -- but it was nice to have outside contact for once.

Now, Crysta and I are natural homebodies, so this isolation isn't as big a deal as one would think. We're not sad, lonely people - pining away for outside contact... we're just exceptionally lazy people who keep thinking "we should go try and meet people" and when time comes around, we just say "Hey, we could watch this episode of Top Gear instead" and sitting on the couch continues.

I think things will change a bit when Crysta starts school soon. She'll be forced to interact with people, I'll be bored and have nothing to do for stretches of time... I think that will give me the motivation to finally get out and try to meet people. Either that or I'll start a third webcomic with my spare time or something. Who knows, I may decide to go back to working on writing that novel I shelved a while back.

Okay, in all likelyhood I'll finally get around to checking out the comic book shop in town, or the gaming store that's literally only a few blocks away from me. I know there's a group running a one day con here in town, but as it's the same weekend as Geek.kon, I'll be far, far away when it happens. I'll probably still find out what their game plan is on the off change the dates don't align again next year.

Seems like a plan.
- Traegorn

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HAHA, I know what you mean.  I have about a dozen people I know who I've known for years and who live within minutes of here, but do I ever see them?  No, or at least infrequently (Andy Wilkins excluded).  This is mostly my fault.

Speaking of which, I have to bother Cat again at some point.  I don't think I've actually talked to her in a few months.
That's great, I see we will probably never get to hang out with you and Crysta, unless we drive our happy asses up there and surprise you. We are quite the opposite from you, not concerning the lazy aspect, as we are similar in this way, ha. The social interaction is what I'm referring to. Corrin and I love to entertain, and chill with our posse, huh huh...Hope you guys are doing great, remember we have a bedroom for you to visit us! Mike

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