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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Random Thoughts on a Random Morning
Posted Aug 2, 2010 - 11:43:07

woodsSo some of you may think I'm going to talk about the second webcomic I'm launching this week -- but sadly, you'll have to wait until Wednesday for both the blog entry and the corresponding comic. It's going to be significantly different than UnCONventional, but that's the only real thing I'm going to tell you about it today. I know you're sitting there, quivering in anticipation, but I'm sure you'll survive.

If you think you won't, please consult your physician.

This weekend I finally got around to getting my Indiana drivers license. I know I was cutting it close legally on that timeline, but it's all taken care of now. At this point, I can no longer pretend not to live in Indiana I guess. The most annoying thing about the whole process was that I had to retake a written test. I haven't taken a written drivers test in over a decade, so that was weird. On the upside, I easily aced the thing, getting no answers wrong.

I have a Dandy Warhols song going through my head.

The reason is fairly obvious, as I've been rewatching Veronica Mars lately. I have to admit I actually really liked this show. I know, it's a semi-ridiculous teen almost-crime drama, but as it's actually well written and well acted, I find myself easily addicted to it. It makes me disappointed that it only ran three seasons every time I think about it. The inherent snark levels in this program are, frankly, epic.

I find fast talking snark incredibly entertaining.

Geek.kon is coming up quickly, and I'm far from ready for it. It's always the kick off for my annual con adventuring, but I missed it last year and I've never been to one held in a hotel (as the first two Geek.kons were held on the UW Madison campus). I'll only be there for Saturday and Sunday most likely, and Crysta hasn't decided whether or not she's coming with or not this year. I will be there come hell or highwater though, so I anticipate a good time.

Only a month to go.
- Traegorn

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i will be there.  with V and kaylene. LEGASP!

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