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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I return from the wild...
Posted July 26, 2010 - 10:08:10

lake thompsonLate last night Crysta and I rolled into Lafayette. We were weary, we were tired, and very much sick of the road. After ten hours of driving a rental car, we had returned from what is probably my favorite place on Earth: The Wisconsin Northwoods.

Those who know me well know that every year my family rents a cabin on Lake Thompson near Rhinelander every year. We have been going up to the area without fail every year my entire life (although we did detour over to the Three Lakes area for a couple of years). I've talked about it billions of times, I've posted pictures and videos, and I'll probably end up talking about it many more times in the future.

This is the place where I had my happiest memories as a child. This is the place where I get to spend time with my immediate family that isn't Christmas. Hell, this is the place where a year ago I proposed to my wife.

I only got to go for a few days this year as I spent most of my time off from work for this year with the move and the wedding. Last year I also only had a few days, but that's because I had just started the job and I had only saved up that much time. I am fully determined though to get a full week off next year... I swear.

I managed to squeeze in all of my personal prerequisites though, as I got to play softball at Foresters Ballpark, go out on a boat, swim in the lake, play a boardgame with my entire family, and eat at the White Stag. If I can do those things, I consider it to be a satisfactory vacation. I guess I'll just have to be okay with quality over quantity.

I really do wish that I was still up North right now, sitting on the cabin porch and looking at the lake. I don't want to be sitting in my office right now, I want to be there. Sadly, life doesn't always give us exactly what we want.

There's always next year though.

I'm still catching up with emails and messages since I've been gone. Last night I didn't want to touch the computer still, and when I finally went online this morning I spent most of my free time cleaning up a couple of spambots that decided to hit my website the instant I left town. I think from now on, when I leave town I'm temporarily turning off registration or something... that may be my only option in the future.

Ah well, back to the grind...
- Traegorn

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I did something fun this weekend too. I visited my cousin and his new wife(and my aunts and uncles) at Phillips because they were having like a second wedding reception of some sort and I hung out there all Saturday.

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