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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Wonder Woman gets Redesigned, The Internet Whines.
Posted July 2, 2010 - 9:35:45

New Wonder WomanSo this week DC unveiled their redesign of Wonder Woman for the #600 reboot that was first in comic book shops this week. Rather than a ridiculous outfit resembling a swimsuit (and to be clear, the classic Wonder Woman costume IS ridiculous in all its variations), Wonder Woman looks like she's ready to hop onto a sports motorcycle. Sure she's still in heels for no good reason, but the motorcycle jacket and reinforced pants mean she's less likely to scrape the hell out of herself in combat. But just like reactions to Optimus Prime's redesign for the 2007 movie, the internet has cried out in anger for no appropriate reason.

That's right, according to them, Wonder Woman has apparently been ruined FOREVER.

The outcry has been downright ridiculous too -- from statements about how the new look is "goth" (which it really isn't... honestly, have these people ever met Goths before?) to how it's terrible that the reinvention was written by a man...

...of course, Wonder Woman was CREATED by a man, but that would require at least opening Wikipedia or something.

And these people don't really know the creepy, creepy origins of the character. Creator of Wonder Woman William Moulton Marston was kind of a creepy guy when it comes down to it. His obsession with bondage and domination is actually fairly well documented. Yes the character has become a feminist icon, and yes that was part of her creator's agenda as well -- but I argue that claiming her creation was pure is, well, stupid.

Not to mention, the LEAST feminist part of her entire character (of which received a backstory overhaul this week as well thanks to the gods changing history apparently) was her damned costume. The new one, while still designed to cater to comic books primarily male audience, is at least something a human being would actually feel comfortable WEARING.

Of course, most of the people whining haven't picked up a comic issue of Wonder Woman for quite some time anyways. Relaunches like this happen to garner new readers because the readership is dropping. Wonder Woman has always had this problem, even to the point where the title wasn't in print for a period in the eighties. But nothing angers the internet fans like a change in appearance of a classic character.

Especially if the people complaining don't actually read the title.
- Traegorn

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Your last line pretty much summed it up.  I like the new look myself though I saw a couple of outfits that were modern crossed with something from Xena warrior princess that didn't look too bad either.

Now they just need to get rid of Supergirls Jailbat outfit...and get Jaime back in a blue-beetle book, best character change in quite awhile from my view.

/me goes back to hiding his comic-book nerdery...
The idiots come out in force when the internet is involved.  A close friend of mine here in town was riding his bike home from work and was struck by a semi truck.  The only news story done on this was on the internet by the local channel.  It was very vague and they didn't know much about what happened.  But the comment section under the article ended up in flame wars, and some comments were flat out mean and rude regarding my friend. So in the end I'm not surprised.

Trae Dorn
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