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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Things continue uninterestingly...
Posted June 30, 2010 - 14:15:33

WireSome of you have noticed the drop in frequency of this blog over the last couple of weeks. This has been due to a myriad of factors, and for a while it was due to being too busy -- with things like the wedding and the move -- but now it's due to one thing: Severe writers block.

It's not that I don't have things to share (I have some stuff to put online soon, I've just been procrastinating about it) and I'm sure I could find something to rant about if I really tried... but it's hard to get motivated. Take for example this blog post. I opened my blog software to write this several hours ago, and I'm still working on this entry.

I think it's because life in Indiana isn't really all that different than life in Eau Claire was... and while I'm happy and having a good time, it does mean things aren't all that interesting to write about.

In the "good news" bin, we should be getting photos from the wedding online fairly soon -- and I'm considering releasing the Lt. Snorkel album as an EP instead of an LP so it can get out there sooner.

And UnCONventional should be coming up on some interesting stuff pretty soon too. "Bork Con" is scheduled to begin in August, and when I say that it will be epic... well, I mean it will be LONG. Expect each day of the fictional convention to take a month of story. That's right... a month. I know I launched the comic at the beginning of their planning cycle, so it hasn't been all that different than most comics *about* cons -- but I think the difference will become apparent soon.

I've been thinking about launching a very different comic as well, but I want to build a solid buffer on that before I really discuss it further. I was inspired by looking at some of my older work, and some of the sensibilities that went with it... and I started laughing at things I'd written but long forgotten. It would be a simple, one panel comic - not an ongoing story like UnCONventional. It would also feature, well, actual artwork instead of the makeshift stickfigures too.

It's just an idea right now though.
- Traegorn

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Well I've been keeping it to myself for a while but I was thinking of making a webcomic myself. One based on some of the most random and awkward moments in my life that pictures to make it look funnier. And I'm learning to use Adobe Dreamweaver this next semester so when I graduate, I'll pursue making it.

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