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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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In Search of Groceries
Posted June 23, 2010 - 8:39:11

 So we've been living in Indiana for almost a month now, and now that the wedding is over, we have time to take a breath and settle in. One of the biggest challenges in moving to a new area is obviously figuring out where the heck everything is. I can't begin to explain how this is made more difficult by our lack of a phonebook, but the internet has managed to take up some of that slack.

Lafayette isn't that different in size than Eau Claire was, and our new apartment is located near a relatively commercial area. This makes getting ahold of essentials not that difficult a process, but there is one inherent challenge that has been rearing it's ugly head: finding a grocery store we actually like.

Our current strategy is to try a different grocery store every time we need food. We've visited several at this point, but none so far seem to satisfy our actual needs. Either it's missing this or has a terrible selection of that... or there's a large puddle on the floor that makes us uncomfortable.

It's a difficult search as, frankly, we're a little bit picky. The funny thing is, I feel almost determined to find the perfect store. This is at least a little funny, as it's not like I ever found a "perfect" store in Eau Claire. Over the years I actually settled on two different stores back in Eau Claire - Festival Foods for large shopping trips and Ron's Castle Foods for any time we needed something quickly. The system worked well, and I always like both stores.

The thing with Lafayette is that I've yet to find a store that really meets my preferences as well as either one of those. There are a few more we've yet to try, so I still hold out a little hope. But in the end, I may just have to settle for "good enough" in this particular situation.

I will say that I have located a store that sells Black Forest Gummy Bears, so that makes me happy. Not only do they sell them though, but they carry the three pound bags of them. This is, in fact, a very dangerous thing for my waistline. We've also found another that carries Sprecher products -- although we've yet to find the regular Root Beer there oddly enough. They may be worth taking a second look at to see if they just happened to be out of stock.

I guess the search will just have to continue...
- Traegorn

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We shopped at Kroger cause it was just down the street from our apt.  Marsh was always too expensive, even though they had better section on items.
Living a few blocks away from Festival certainly has its benefits.  Now, if I could just find a place that carries real marshmallow fluf...
yeah living on london gives me ultimate grocery store access. Festival has good produce, Gordies has a good deli, and the mexican grocery store has all the weird stuff
I hear you on the grocery store woes.  Back in college we had three choices for shopping, a 24hour grocery store that was super expensive, a reasonable store that wasn't open past 8 or sundays, or the super cheap one that should have been condemned.
You know, if you burn one down a nicer one will grow in its place.

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