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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Settling In
Posted June 7, 2010 - 9:48:00

 So I'm posting this blog entry during my morning break at work today. My commute this morning was, of course, merely a twenty foot walk from my bedroom -- as I have begun telecommuting for my job -- but I still went through the whole tribulations of my morning routine out of habit. While it was entirely possible for me to go to work today in my pajamas, I have chosen to get fully dressed in an attempt to feel like I got up and did something.

I anticipate that I shall get too lazy to continue this routine by the end or the week.

For those of you who might stumble across this blog entry but haven't been following the minutae of my daily life, I've started telecommuting as I've now completely moved to Indiana from my almost eleven year home of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. As I actually like my job, I have opted to continue working it even though it is a good eight hours away.

And for the record, it does now mean that my brother, my father and I all work out of our homes. I just need to buy a Saturn Vue, and we can all match completely.

While there is still plenty to do for the wedding, and we'll still be doing quite a bit of travelling over the next few weeks, it feels good to have a home base for once. With all of the chaos going on, it was difficult when I had no real sense of permanence about where I was. Now that I've finally gotten everything to Indiana though, that can change.

It's strange settling in to a new state. We learned yesterday that you can't buy alcohol on a Sunday in Indiana (as Crysta and I attempted to purchase a bottle of wine). According to the internet, until recently you couldn't even purchase alcohol on election days here either. As a person from Wisconsin, that just seems... unnatural to me.

We still haven't unpacked a lot of stuff, and my office is currently full of boxes. I have the essentials set up though, with my desk, chair, computer... and of course, minifridge full of Diet Coke.

I think I'll be just fine here, really.
- Traegorn

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No alcohol Sunday's eh? I noticed that in MN when i was working the pipe job last winter. Thankfully i was 30 min away from Superior.
You get used to the no alcohol on Sundays thing pretty fast, and that isn't just because I grew up in MN.  Liquor stores aren't open after 10 and that's when you'll notice you've just run out of the specific kind of liquor that you needed for whatever it is. You just have to plan a little bit ahead.
Even though I think it's overkill, I can kinda see the reasoning behind the no-booze-on-election-days thing.  I mean, I can see why one wouldn't want the massively inebriated voting on city ordinances and choosing our elected officials.  We could end up with a write-in campaign for "Leroooooooyyyyy Jenkiiiiiinnnnnsss!!!!111one!!"

It's still overkill, though.
Yup no booze on Sunday there...and I was one of the people that was trying to buy a bottle of wine on an election day...and I was told I couldn't do it cause you can't drink and then vote...I was like um I'm not voting today...nope I still couldn't buy it..glad they fixed that stupid law...and that they finally do daylight savings time there and not let the farms rule that it "will screw up the chickens"
I wonder how daylight's savings was going to mess up the chickens.

Do Chickens have problems adjusting their wristwatches or something?
Well it was thought that if you move the clocks back and forth it would screw up how many eggs they laid.  Even though, more educated people know that animals are in tune with the earth, not a clock on the wall.  It was also supposed to be an issue with the cows as well.

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