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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Return Strange Searches
Posted May 12, 2010 - 9:42:33

Technical DifficultiesIt's been a long time since I posted about this, but one of the ways I entertain myself when bored is sift through the logs and dig out the strange things people have searched for in Google that somehow led them to my site. Sometimes they're weird, sometimes they're funny... and sometimes they're creepy. When I see these terms in the log, I often wonder why they thought that TRHOnline was the site they were looking for - as it doesn't quite make sense to me.

In any case, here's a random selection of strangeness which I hope won't creep you out too much:
spoon sleeping
guys beating each other
criminal trial of oj simpson
reserved for Sal
unable to sleep
him winamp skin
"e and c august"
free tattoo designs
dorn of the dead the online game
Kevin Tambornino blog- Vinny,
anna tsuchiya posters
"most appealing word"
what port was the tramp steamer Venture from the movie King Kong registered in?
reasons not to use myspace
most disgusting wikipedia site ever
boy duct taped
does steven seagal reload in movies
"a new laptop" date "we went out"
hot rod battery for laptop
breitling super avenger
Sometimes I try and interpret these things... but this time I think I'll leave what these people were looking for up to your imagination. I mean, really -- what on earth could I possibly say to make this list really any funnier?
- Traegorn

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"most appealing word"???

I wonder what word they ended up with?
Actually I was thinking of your posts like these when I did a search today for "Using an ironing board as a chair"
I wanted to see if it was safe.

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