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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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No Rest for the Wicked
Posted May 10, 2010 - 7:26:02

treesRight now I'm very, very tired. I woke up fairly early this morning, but I wish that I could claim that this was the culprit. Sadly the cause of this exhaustion is more pervasive than something that simple.

Over the last few (and next few) weeks I'm spread rather thin, as Crysta and I have quite a few things that need to get done for the move to Indiana and the wedding. In two weeks we pick up roots and move all of our stuff from my beloved home of Wisconsin to our new home of Indiana... and there is so much left to do that my head is spinning.

Anyone want a no longer street legal, broken down Minivan for parts? It's free!

This just past weekend Crysta and I drove down to Milwaukee for her Wedding Shower. It was hosted at my mom's house, and I spent most of the time hiding either in the basement with my father, brother, and friend of the family Tony or in my childhood room upstairs. I had some grand plan to work on a buffer for UnCONventional, but I totally failed at that on every level. If the updates aren't going to get interrupted by the move, I really need to get on that this week. I came into the party when it came time for Crysta to open the gifts from the shower, but mostly I stood at the back of the room for that part. Sometimes I'm shocked at the generosity of our family and friends, and I can't begin to explain how thankful I am for every one of them.

Overall the trip was good, and being at my parent's house is always a good excuse not to be working on things. It doesn't change the fact that I always then have to drive the four hours home.

Annoyingly, once we move to Indiana, I'll still have to work out of the Eau Claire office for a week or two... which means that I have to drive north and crash on someone's couch for a bit.

And that someone has yet to be found. All I'm saying is that I'm NOT living out of my car. That is not happening.

Still no idea when I'll get around to posting up my No Brand Con 2010 convention report for this year -- if all else fails I'll do it with minimal illustration though. I really do need to get that up while its still semi-fresh in my memory. Maybe it will be up this week, maybe it won't be up until two weeks from now... in any case, it WILL get done.

It just might not be any good when it gets here.
- Traegorn

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if you get really desperate let me know and I can check with my brother about you borrowing the couch. I mean you work over by festival right? I live on london.
If that van is still in Milwaukee, you can sell it for scrap.  They even come tow it for you.  Best $30 for a totalled car i ever got.
If it were in Milwaukee it wouldn't be a problem.  The van is currently sitting in my spare parking spot in Eau Claire though -- a spot that won't be mine fairly shortly.
Toys scrap and salvage will buy it

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