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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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That sound you hear is my brain screaming.
Posted Apr 26, 2010 - 9:31:02

RoofIt's less than a week until No Brand Con, and needless to say my brain is screaming. Final deadlines aren't just looming -- they're here. This is when everything has to get done, and while everything is on track and on schedule... needless to say it's entirely stressful.

Crunch time is upon us yet again.

I don't think I'd like doing this so much without it though. Part of me thrives on the pressure, and it makes the celebration at the end of this week all the more fun.

But never the less, stress stress stress... tonight I have to run Crysta over to the printers so we can print the program guides. After that, I need to have Katie record a voice over for part of the at-convention plot. I also need to edit together the video that goes along with that voice over, so the whole thing makes sense.

Also this week I need to finalize the scripts for Opening Ceremonies and the Cosplay intermission, all the while making sure that all of the necessary props are in order. Said scripts need to be rehearsed by the cast so we don't screw it up in front of a fairly good sized crowd as well.

Did I mention I also work a fulltime job as well, and need to finish this week's installments for UnCONventional?

Yeah, needless to say, I've got quite a bit to do.

So yes, if in the middle of the night you hear a sound not unlike a wail originating from the depths of hell, know that it is merely my brain screaming.

I'll do my best not to scare the children.
- Traegorn

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What was that?  I'm sorry, I couldn't hear that over the sound of my own brain screaming.
Hmm...that sounds like my life. Graduate school with a huge term paper due the day after the con, plus my job, plus finishing up the volunteer schedules. My brain's not screaming, it's attempting opera at this point.

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