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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Successful Apocalypse
Posted Mar 29, 2010 - 9:40:49

A Badly Photoshopped Hilltop/Amazing Justice CenterSo this weekend we managed to succeed in doing what we utterly failed to do a week ago: Shoot the remaining No Brand Con plot videos. This time our camera person was Chris instead of Katie, but the cast the same (Myself, Erika and Duct Tape Boy).

Sunrise was a little earlier this week, so we ended up getting together fairly early. We drove around and shot some footage on empty streets, as well as taking advantage of our empty locations. In the end, we had all the footage we needed for episodes 3 and 4 of the plot videos, and I went home and recorded the soundtrack.

Episode 3 is available here to watch if you were curious.

This set of films has been probably the most ambitious out of any No Brand Con plot video production. We're using better equipment, we're actually able to take some decent shots, and we're using some basic (but not altogether terrible) special effects as well. Okay, so the actual digital matte I used for the destroyed Amazing Justice Center looks horrible, but it's still blended in with the life footage well.

And yes... our acting is still terrible and the writing is subpar -- but hey, look, it's a random special effect!

Episode 4 will go up in about two weeks, and then the story will conclude at the convention as per normal. We're going back to finishing the story at the Cosplay contest this year, so more people will see the ending than the last two years where we finished things at opening ceremonies. Originally this was meant to happen in only three episodes, but the third had gotten so long that it just didn't make sense not to split them up. I think the plot videos, in total, are 12 minutes long combined.

This is our longest plot ever I think.

I sometimes wonder if anyone else is doing the level of plot stuff that we do for No Brand Con. Daisho Con has an ongoing story, but they're the only other one in our region that I can think of. They also don't tell their story the exact same way that we do it too. The No Brand Heroes and the NoBrandVers are one of my favorite parts of No Brand Con (and oddly enough a part that I had absolutely no part in originating). I've been in charge of their production since No Brand Con 5, and it's really something that I love doing.

And if people thought this year's story was ambitious, just wait until you see what we're planning already for No Brand Con 10 in 2011.
- Traegorn

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Since we've got the sci-fi, apocalyptic, corporate intrigue, and secret agent genre's filled (off the top of my head...) I'm going to guess next we're going to have either a western or war themed story next time around.
Bad acting, poor writing and a bunch of special effects to distract from both?

I didn't know you were working with Michael Bay.
Hey -- what's wrong with the Writing! :P

Also, I would have killed to have money for explosions. :P

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