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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Back from Milwaukee
Posted Mar 15, 2010 - 10:16:59

There is no reason for this particular imageSo I pulled back into Eau Claire last night after midnight, my trip down to Anime Milwaukee complete, and I somehow survived this rather eventful weekend. My full report on Anime Milwaukee itself will go up later this week, stick figures and all, but I thought I'd talk about the rest of the weekend as well.

Why? Because it's my blog and I feel like it.

Crysta and I drove down on Friday night. We were also giving Tall Katie a ride down to Madison so she could spend time with her boy, Kenny. The drive was dark and foggy, and when I say foggy I mean worse than Turok 64 foggy. It was very, very dense. By the time we actually pulled into Milwaukee, it was pretty frickin' late, so it wasn't too long until we crashed for the evening.

On Saturday, before heading over to the convention, Crysta and I (and my mother) went down to Sendick's to look at their catering menus, as we plan on using them to cater our wedding. They had some pretty decent options, and I think we have a general game plan, even if we're still working out the specifics. Afterwards, we drove down to Anime Milwaukee... which again, I'll cover in my con report later this week.

That night, after we left the con, we went out to George Webb's (as it was one of the few things open at the time) with Chris to catch up and hang out in general. When it got too late, I drove back to my parents and we called it a night.

We decided to just take Sunday easy. The plan was to just sit around, relax, and then stop by the Geek.kon meeting in Madison to 1. Pick up Katie and 2. See the hotel they'll be in for this year. I must say that the facility is, in fact, quite awesome on so many levels. I would kill for us to have a hotel like this in Eau Claire, as it would allow us to accomodate so many more people than our current venue choices. After getting some food, we hit the road and made it back home, as previously stated, after midnight.

It was a long, but mostly fun weekend.
- Traegorn

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can you say which hotel?
Marriott Madison West.-- like it says on the Geek.kon website

And I guess the room where Geek.Kon wil use as the video game room has apparently 10,000 sq. ft. of space.  If that aint ginormous, then I don't know what is.
That room is massive.  I can't begin to describe its hugeness.
The thought of what chief will do with more space scares me...
Hoyl Carp!  That's less than 5 minutes from my apartment.  I just did a Capoeira demo there on Sunday, the facility is, indeed, huge.  I was nearly late because it took me so long to walk around the place to get to the hotel desk to ask where my demo was.  Nice score on the part of Geek.kon.

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