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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Apocalypses and Parties
Posted Mar 3, 2010 - 9:39:36

GuhSo today is a day like any other day for the most part. I'm sitting in the office before work (as I always arrive a tad early so I'm actually awake once I start), and there is very little of interest going on.

It's absolutely riveting, I know.

So, as I mentioned just about everywhere else on the internet except here, we've released the second No Brand Con 2010 plot video into the wild. We shot that waaaaay back in September (to get the weather right for an end of February/Beginning of March release), and I've had to sit on that... knowing that people might actually like it.

The soundtrack in that video includes a short clip of Happy Wednesday's "Sandwich" along with a brand new Lt. Snorkel piece I'm calling "Duct Tape Rescue." I haven't put up a download for the MP3 version of that song yet (and probably won't for a little while), but it will be on the second Lt. Snorkel album (which will likely be a free download). You can also stream it on both the Lt. Snorkel MySpace and the (new) Lt. Snorkel Facebook Page if you're impatient and want to hear the entire 4 minute version of the track.

And yes, the synth guitar is supposed to be that bad -- it is the post Apocalyptic theme for Duct Tape Boy after all.

As I mentioned on Monday, Crysta is flying out to Purdue tomorrow. It means I'll be getting up before dawn to drive her to the Airport shuttle, which while unfortunate, is sure better than driving to the Twin Cities and back (for which I would have had to take time off of work to do). She comes back on Saturday, when I'll be at MarsCon -- which means I'll already be in the Twin Cities, and can just drive over to the airport and pick her up quickly. Crysta is then going to help us run the No Brand Con room party at MarsCon. I am, needless to say, excited about going. I haven't been to a con since November... and I like cons.

If you're going to MarsCon this weekend, you can find our party on Saturday night in room 1309. We'll be right across from the elevators, and you'll probably see the large banner fairly easily. I anticipate awesomeness.

...and I am rarely wrong.
- Traegorn

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