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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Let's Get Some Stuff Done!
Posted Feb 19, 2010 - 13:24:12

STEAKAt this moment, Crysta is in Iowa City, IA as she's interviewing for the University of Iowa graduate school. She flew out yesterday and comes back on Sunday. This means I am on my own for these couple of days...

Which means I'm going to try and actually get some crap done.

Of course, this weekend is also the weekend of STEAK 4. STEAK is an annual gaming event which is SUPPOSED to be held in the fall, but didn't this year for a myriad of reasons that are rather unimportant. It's not quite meant to be a convention, instead a two day free gaming event that No Brand Con puts on every year to effectively do test runs on events for our Tabletop Gaming room.

What that means is that I'll be down at the University (where STEAK is held), but still trying to get stuff done.

One of the things that I want to get done is compose the song for the third No Brand Con 2010 plot video, which I'll probably work on tonight. I know you're saying "But you haven't released the second plot video," to which I reply "Yes, but that's actually completed already."

During STEAK itself I'll probably be drawing some more comics for UnCONventional as my buffer is currently only a week. The good news is that I have comics written through the end of May, so it's not like I'll be facing some big creative block. I expect Saturday will mostly be me kicking back, enjoying watching bad movies on a projector, and drawing terrible stick figures.

It should actually be a fun time now that I think about it.

On Sunday I'll drive out to the Twin Cities and pick up Crysta from the airport. I think this is actually the longest the two of us have been apart since we started living together, and that's actually a pretty strange thing to think about.
- Traegorn

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