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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Dicks Get It Done
Posted Feb 10, 2010 - 9:30:52

This is what Peso looked like many years agoWhenever I get an email complaining about something my friend Peso said or did, I am never surprised. I simply look at them and explain "That's because Peso is a dick."

This is because Peso has absolutely no problem telling people when he thinks they are wrong or doing something foolish. What makes people get even angrier about it though, is that more often than not, Peso is actually right too.

Thus begins our problem.

A few weeks ago Crysta and I were listening to the commentary track of the 2007 Transformers movie. Now, whether you like the film or not, there is no question that the film is visually stunning. Michael Bay, for better or for worse, has mastered the art of the on screen explosion. We had just watched it, and Crysta commented on how the movie looked cool. While watching the commentary track though, she just had one response:

"Wow, Michael Bay is kind of a dick."

Of course he is! I have a theory that the majority of great creative works were created by complete jerks. This is not because jerks are inherently better at things, as jerks have put out a lot of BAD works as well, but because of the simple fact that nice guys compromise.

If a visionary has a great idea, but then changes it because someone with LESS vision doesn't like it, then they will produce an inferior product. When you start listening to every voice in the room instead of the artistic vision you end up with a Camel.

A Camel, as the old saying goes, is a Horse Designed By Committee. Sure, it will get you from point A to point B, but it will never win the Kentucky Derby.

A dick on the other hand, will fight for his or her vision. They will stand their ground when necessary, and they then have a chance to make something truly great. Orson Welles? Dick. Howard Hughes? Reclusive dick. One time I heard Einstein punched a guy in a bar for suggesting that the speed of light in a vaccuum wasn't a constant.

Okay, so I made that last one up, but you get the point.

I resolved years ago that I wasn't going to care if someone thought I was a dick. I'm assertive when I think I'm right, and I don't back down unless you can show me that I'm wrong. Of course, I'll never be the dick that Peso is, because part of me still wants people to like me... but still... sometimes it's hard to argue with the man.
- Traegorn

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And now I need to figure out why I was so offended by the idea that a camel is inferior to a horse. What kind of horses can trek across the desert and not DIE? The comparison is just ridiculous.

I totally get what you're saying though, and we're all glad that Peso can get things done without the rest of us trying to find a tactful resolution.
Well Peso can be rude but I still think he is Awesome. He often can instigate trouble in the end he often is right. I don't think he's always right but I know he is right a lot. Other times I stay neutral because I don't want to be part of trouble.
Peso has the advantage of being a dick who is usually right.  I should be clear that I'm not trying to glorify acting like a jackass -- but point out that if it weren't for the jackasses nothing would ever get done.

I mean, Hitler was a dick too so I'm not trying to say it's always a good thing.
I don't even remember if I've met peso.
Do you remember Wilson Oakes from No Brand Con 4?
That is the worst picture of me ever. Still the rest is pretty much true.
Nope.  So then that almost cements the fact that I haven't met Peso.


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