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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Irrational Wisconsin Pride
Posted Jan 28, 2010 - 9:33:46

Stick man and stick cow talk about how California Cows are wussesI doubt anyone would be surprised to hear that I watch a lot of Television. If you read this blog, it's exceptionally likely that you watch quite a bit as well. For quite some time the California Dairy council has been running their "Happy Cow" commercials. I'm sure you know what I mean, and on the off chance you don't... just Google it quickly. They especially like to mock other places for being cold, while California is warm and sunny. Every time one of these come on though, I just find myself getting angry...

...because as you all know I live in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, to say that we take pride in our dairy is an understatement. We put giant fake wedges of cheese on our heads at sporting events, we put cheese on just about any food -- hell, we talk about it on our license plates. We are "America's Dairyland" for pete's sake. So, needless to say, when a commercial comes on effectively telling us that we're inferior...

...well, it makes me want to boycott any Dairy product which has even been to California.

Why do I feel like this though? Why do I care so much about what is more or less just a food? I'm not a dairy farmer, nor are any of my family members. Hell, I was born in Illinois and lived there until I was six (hence my sports team affiliation... I'm probably the only person proud of being from Wisconsin who roots for the Bears). Never the less, I find myself enraged at the apparent slander of my state's dairy industry.

I think it's something akin to Nationalism. Deep down, there's some need to pledge yourself to something bigger, and my state is apparently what I've subconsciously chosen. In truth, there is absolutely no rational reason that I should give two craps about a bunch of commercials promoting milk and cheese from California.

But I still think California cows are a bunch of wusses.
- Traegorn

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first I love that drawing...
Secondly I whole heartily agree
Having lived in California when this Happy Cows crap started, I can tell you that people there think it's hilarious.  Stupid Californians. Also, the free range environment that they show the cows in is such a small percentage of how dairy farms are run, it's almost non-existent.
That and their cows talk like Valley girls.....makes my skin crawl
I get really angry when I see those commercials too, and I'm from (and back in) Minnesota! I guess it's a midwestern thing then.
When I was stationed back at Yokota AB (In Japan) in my Air Force days, the milk they had in the chow hall and the base commisary was from California.  Man, was that milk NASTY!  I had maybe one glass of it the first week I was on-base  I never touched another glass the rest of the time I was there.
Are you sure that it wasn't nasty because it was (likely) "Whole Milk"?
Their cows are raised in barns and never let out to graze. They stay stationary in a spot and fed to produce milk. They aren't really that Happy.
Ah marketing. The people probably thought that we have snow year round too.
The only good thing about me living in California is that I haven't had to watch one of those horrid commercials in ages.

And the milk here sucks.  Ain't no milk like Wisconsin milk, and anyone who tries to say otherwise is lying.
My God...

I was just randomly discussing this yesterday.

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