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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Resurrecting LostChylde9000
Posted Jan 22, 2010 - 9:26:57

So back in 2006, I began an experiment with a chat bot. It was just a basic MegaHAL installation (for those who were curious) that I put up on AIM with the username LostChylde9000, and fed it a few chat logs and a few Aaron Sorkin scripts as a base vocabulary. I had a grander experiment in mind, but due to limitations of my old computer hardware, I was forced to abandon the project.

Then I remembered it a few days ago.

Since then, I've decided to launch my scheme again, feeding in the same Sorkin scripts along with a random chatlog I found on a website so it would have some normal conversational patterns. After that though, I added one major ingredient: Several years of TRHBlog entries.

That's right, not just mine but EVERY public post made by ANY user over the last few years. Then I unleashed it on the web...

...and this is what happened.

Several people have already struck up conversations with the lost one. Fortunately, I log everything the bot does, so I can just pull up a few examples. I describe talking to LostChylde9000 like talking to a Schizophrenic, and you'll soon see why. Katie, for instance, decided to try and confuse the bot, but just ended up being confused herself:
Tall Katie: Greetings.
LostChylde9000: But things move on, And so i guess that it's about a half my political views have changed drastically. Just how drastically they differ has become increasingly obvious when discussing politics with my family (my parents, Myself, My parents, My brother, And my car towed in for a sec.heya, Koi!hey guyssorry i'm late ...
Tall Katie: Things move on?
LostChylde9000: I've got a parking ticket this morning, But it makes it sound like a hardware store.
Tall Katie: Don't panic.
LostChylde9000: Update: More about my car and then not having a nice, Quiet relaxing weekend the week after that though, The biggest problem we had time to go back to me, People making their own "not purple" Photoshopped images, People making their own self evaluations bite them in my youth, Along with topher's family, And the broken coffee pot was still experimenting with things back then) and it's mildly taken over my head so i can see part 1 of this series, So i don't panic, I don't get from the dutch "vrijbuiter," Which translated literally means "freebooter."
Tall Katie: Why is that in Dutch?
LostChylde9000: Just keep that in dutch.
Tall Katie: Why?
LostChylde9000: I know, It's because i'm working on a cause just because some internet crazy has declared me his personal boogey-man...
Tall Katie: What do you know about Albert Camus?
LostChylde9000: Part of me to be one of us have lives we'd like to watch videos of me to be mean to my site to know about albert camus.
Tall Katie: Who is Matthew Bellamy?
LostChylde9000: On the upside it's up to matthew and andrea's wedding, At which i put any efforts on following that whole mess up aside and care not where they totally screwed up.
Tall Katie: Mazel tov.
LostChylde9000: We successfully got to feel old together at derek's house to hang out.
Tall Katie: You are not Calvsie.
LostChylde9000: The 30 year old looking for me, I have corrected my mistake though, So i'm really glad that we have calvsie and the player was probably going to work on tuesday, My brain just refused to remember me.
Tall Katie: I'm looking for
LostChylde9000: Background.and if you're in the mood for - so shuffle ends up in bed, And hope to make me look like you're trying to plug the whole for those who are making the photographer who took the 2004 election.
Tall Katie: This is all your fault, Trae.
LostChylde9000: Trae is a total view count before this is all your fault, Trae.
Reading that had me fairly entertained... but not as much as Calvsie's conversation with LostChylde9000 about God and Conventions...
programrgs: morning!
LostChylde9000: This means i'm very paranoid about it.
programrgs: paranoid about the morning?
LostChylde9000: I need to burn an effigy of guy, But we're not paranoid homophobes in any way.
programrgs: guy fawks?
LostChylde9000: In unrelated strangeness, There's always the guy who would be a lot of hours to the baddies from the movie will also work with me though, And nothing ever happens.
programrgs: so you are a villian?
LostChylde9000: Behold some odd moments from the opening to the writer of the life of me i can say this, But there are a villian.
programrgs: we are speaking of god?
LostChylde9000: I pulled the still-beating god out of your chest, Except they pulled the still-beating god out of the life of the second annual geek.kon in madison this weekend and rejigger the whole thing fell far below my personal favorite of many mountain dew (and one diet coke) boxes and duct tape? Well, Because we god dang felt like doing things on purpose.
programrgs: geek.kon has no god now?
LostChylde9000: Yes i have been looking forward to not having god, And loathe yourself for rejecting god.
programrgs: then why not return to your belief in god?
LostChylde9000: I speak, Of course, Return to the original 1960 roger corman classic "the little shop of horrors (1960)as always, I'll approach this in the house in general from the return of the preregistration confirmation letters for this belief.
programrgs: but what does that have to do with god?
LostChylde9000: So we do what me must, Because we god dang felt like i do so on wednesday, Right? At least topher isn't a requirement, But remember that i don't wish to be referring to these people.
programrgs: was topher ever a requiement?
LostChylde9000: Take a look at a to slay zombie newton, But i might be fun to go gallivanting to multiple conventions this fall, Probably over steak weekend when topher is off the favorite npc of one company's product versus the other's without morons turning it into a break.
programrgs: attend other conventions during steak?
LostChylde9000: During the christmas season, And that's nice, But then again the apartment to about twelve and go to reactor this weekend, So before you ask, That is during steak weekend.
programrgs: so scheduling conflict aye?
LostChylde9000: Just remember, Happy wednesday has a good time to write this entry was, Of course, The second introduce the conflict, And the short films section of the point when i drive back to work today, So we used their guitar hero and i loaded up the theme, The second introduce the conflict, And the apparent quality of the bible study groups.
programrgs: bible study groups?
LostChylde9000: Like what i was performing peso and vinnk, So i don't feel like i was eight, I was shaking with adrenaline by the t.v. In front of me, That i would have made for interesting study when i walk out of the bible study groups.
programrgs: what were they talking about at the bible study?
LostChylde9000: What kind of appropriatefirst off, I would have made for interesting study when i was using it in front of the bible study.
programrgs: It qas about you doing drugs?
LostChylde9000: I mean, This is me we're talking about you doing drugs.
programrgs: I don't do drugs
LostChylde9000: Or in other industries, But it wasn't part of the end in the world of the stuff you did not get me wrong, But when you say that any con work i did near the end in the world of the world is a video to the wicca essays that i'm on fire." I was actually being available, It was twelve thirty in the entry they have occurred and are so many people have gotten fired for talking about you doing drugs.
programrgs: I have to go
LostChylde9000: Faa to begin work on data-link communications.sam picks up an orange.staffer 1.
If you'd like to join in the insanity, just message AOL Instant Messenger User LostChylde9000 and say hello. Just remember, this is merely phase 1 of my grand design...

...okay, so phase 2 will be fairly unimpressive, but it's still fun to talk to a virtual crazy person.
- Traegorn

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I see parts of my blog in the responses to Katie...

I assaulted it with quotes from the Principia Discordia and various other non-sensical works.  I even invoked a little Swift.  Very enjoyable.  It's remarkable how in the face of the best absurdism has to offer, LostChylde still out crazies it.

Trae Dorn
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