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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Strange Reflections
Posted Jan 13, 2010 - 9:29:11

(Confused stick figure)I've been thinking about the strange quandaries of daily existence lately. Take for instance the policy where I work that disallows me from listening to internet radio, but technically allows me to have my iPod touch playing movies in my cube. One would assume the latter would be the greater work distraction, but no. Okay, so likely the policy has to do with a company terrified of it's network being used in a way that could violate copyright (not to mention potential stress on the network) -- but still...

...I find it funny.

I've been taking advantage of this policy, and have been going through episodes of Jericho while working, the American Post-Apocalyptic Drama, not the British Detective show (considering how much British TV I watch that distinction is actually quite important). I forgot how much I absolutely love this show. There's something about it as a divergence from stereotypical post-apocalyptic fare which endears it to me greatly.

Most of the time, post-Apocalyptic stories focus on a lone-wolf hero and possibly a sidekick. They wander around like romanticized ronin doing good deeds and punching bad guys, and while they may help a community -- they are never a part of it.

Jericho takes this and puts it on its head. There is a hero figure in Jake, but the main story is the community itself surviving the "End of the World" - and that is awesome.

You have no idea how sad I was when Jericho got cancelled... both times.

I honestly don't have that much more to say on the subject, so I'll cut this particular entry short. Maybe I'll stretch it out by talking about how short I'm cutting this entry per-normal.

No, that would be stupid.
- Traegorn

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Jericho story continues in S3 - Civil War comic, 6 issues, same writers as the TV series, Issue #2 comes out today, you can order here
I feel you pain on that net usage at work.  Nothing's worse than trying to go a legitimate work-related site only to find that 3/4 of it's useless because of the corporate filtering software (blocked either directly or through blocking relevant links) .

Also, any company who posts their tech demo videos on YouTube needs to die in a fire (Nokia Qt framework I'm specifically looking at you).

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