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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Wintery Weather
Posted Dec 11, 2009 - 9:23:06

The car is in the foreground. So anyone paying attention to the weather over the last week knows that Wisconsin got hammered by a blizzard on Tuesday night and Wednesday. The Governor declared a state of emergency, and many, many things were shut down - including the University system with a couple of exceptions. One thing wasn't shut down though:

My office.

So, I had to get up still, and get ready for work. Fortunately, I got up early (as normally I have to drive Crysta to the University on Wednesdays earlier than when I work), and this was an unexpected blessing. Even though Crysta got to go back to bed, I decided that, to be safe, I should try and get to work super early.

I didn't get there super early, but I got there on time.

What I found when I went out the front door to my apartment, was that my car was half covered by a drift of snow. As my parking lot hadn't been plowed yet, I had to dig my car out using a neighbor's shovel. Including a moment where my car got stuck in the snow... this took me almost an hour. When I got onto the road, I had to drive at about 15-20 miles an hour (depending on the condition of the road), and made it to work on time.

This was, for the record, not fun.

And I know that other parts of the state got hammered worse than us too, which makes me feel nothing but sympathy for the poor folks in other parts of the state. This blizzard has also brought cold weathers with temperatures so deep on the thermometer for December that they boggle the mind. It's funny, we had an unseasonably warm November, and now December is colder than normal. Where, oh where is that blessed middle ground?

But all of this takes me back to the title of this post: "Wintery Weather." Why? Because it's not "Winter" weather. Because technically, it's currently Autumn, and it will continue to be for just over a week.

Just something to think about.
- Traegorn

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I thought the solstice was MIDwinter, not the start. I know, there's no way spring begins in February, but that's still how I think of it.
Winter starts on the Solstice.

Spring starts on the Equinox, in March.
Aside from the vast number of accidents yesterday here in Mad-town, about a half dozen cars were unable to make it up a hill on University Avenue, the main east-west road through town.  All three lanes were blocked.  It took me an hour and a half to go about 10 miles.
Winter= Snow

Autumn= Red, Yellow, and Orange Leaves.

That's why we call this wintery weather but whatever.
I like the idiot walking down the middle of the road at 5:30am the wrong way... In a blizzard... nearly hit the bastard...

Trae Dorn
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