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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Decking the Halls
Posted Dec 2, 2009 - 9:24:08

Stick figure tangled in Christmas lightsSlowly but surely, Crysta and I have been decorating our apartment for this year's impending (and somewhat ongoing) holiday season. I know I mentioned last year that I was a Wiccan who celebrated Christmas, but just in case you forgot I thought I'd mention it again.

Having the apartment decorated for Christmas is a necessity in Crysta's mind, and it's a request that I'm more than happy to help with. I like having the place draped in the holiday spirit as well, and this really can be one of my favorite times of year.

Since I we used my Christmas lights to decorate the room party at Daisho Con 2009, they were in a bit of a tangled mess (as I had just thrown them in my trunk quickly -- as I was short on time before my panel when we were packing up). Because of this, untangling the massive string I own took forever. The comic that accompanies this post is an exaggeration, but a mild one at most.

I think I ended up spending more time untangling the string of Christmas lights than actually hanging them up on the windows.

The front window already was decorated with our other string of lights... as we never took them down last year. Yes, we just unplugged them and left them up. Yes, I know that's a bit tacky. No, I don't really care. Mostly I'm just amazed that my mediocre taping job survived a year (along with the window being repeatedly opened and closed).

We decorated our little table top Christmas Tree, and I strung up an extra set of lights around our standing lamp in the corner. When we plug the whole thing in, it probably uses a lot more electricity than we normally do (and when the printer is used, the whole setup dims for a moment... which makes me think I need to switch which circuit that's plugged into).

Our December power bill, like last year's, is going to be huge.

But that's okay. It's the Christmas season, and that's all part of how things are supposed to go this time of year. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.
- Traegorn

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Is this a good time to say that I won the bid on a little prelit christmas tree for my bedroom upstairs? Well because I did and it only cost me $7 (originally $3) for a prelit tree, some blue ornament balls, a star, a mini tree skirt, and a cd full of chistmas music. I too am ready for the season. i just need to decorate the upstairs now.

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