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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Fast Food Frustration
Posted Nov 30, 2009 - 9:28:03

Fast Food Idiocy Stick Figures Fast food, while not the most healthy of diet choices, is the occasional staple in my current life style. Usually, about once a week or so, Crysta and I are too busy to cook and rely on the golden arches or the big, red hat. It also is our normal meal when travelling. Since she and I travelled to Milwaukee (and Chicago) this last weekend for our national day of Thanks, I've had a higher than average consumption of the quickly prepared foodstuffs than normal.

In other words, I've eaten a lot of fast food lately.

Now normally this would not be something of note, but lately it seems like the level of service I've been receiving is, how shall I say this, sub-optimal. It's not just one place either, it's almost as a universal downshift in quality took place over the last week or so... or my luck went from decent to terrible.

At our local McDonalds, there is one cashier who appears incapable of doing a good job. Whenever I order there, she'll fill everyone's order but mine it seems, and she's forgotten items in my meals as well. I would think it was personal, except that I've never had an interaction with her beyond placing my order and that would be an extremely weird and random grudge. No, I assume she's just an idiot incapable of doing the job correctly...

...if I were petty, I'd just leave the place whenever I saw her working.

But the problems are larger than that. On our drive back to Eau Claire on Saturday night, we stopped by an entirely different McDonalds along the way. At this McDonalds we could not for the life of us get a friggin' cashier to make eye contact with us or take our order. Seriously, we were there for a while, and we were just ignored. After a while we decided to give up and drive over to the nearby Arby's for dinner instead.

The service at Arby's was very good, by the way.

It doesn't quite stop there though. We came back to Eau Claire on Saturday night because I needed to put in some overtime at work on Sunday. During lunch, I walked over to the Little Caesar's that's across the parking lot.

I got there, and it appeared empty.

I'm not saying it was closed. The door said "open," the lights were on, and the place was unlocked. What it was, was empty.

I waited for a minute wondering if anyone had noticed I was in. I saw some movement in the back of the place, but no one approached the counter. After another minute, I began to say things loudly like "Hello!" and "Is anyone back there?!" but nothing happened. After a couple more minutes, a second customer came into the Little Caesar's. He suggested we call the place to get someone to come to the front. At that moment, someone ELSE called, and an employee approached the front, coming from somewhere, and answered the phone. After the call, we finally got her attention.

I'm just saying it should not be that difficult to buy lunch.
- Traegorn

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May I inquire as to which McDonalds you mean?
I happen to know a lot about the local ones...
the one near Taco Bell and Shanghai Bistro is one of the stores with more "special" needs employees...
if its the one over on business 53, they also have some but according to inside source there are a lot of slackers and a man hating Manager...
The one near where I live (I don't want to specify exactly, because I like my privacy -- but you can figure out which one it is).

Oddly enough, usually my service there is great.  It's just this one employee.
Being behind the counter is harder than most people realize... I'm not saying its the hardest job in the world... what I am saying is that there may be more to the story than is immediately evident... although the repeated part is surprising have you politely tried to bring up the matter... oh cheese I sound cliche...
Calvsie, you're asking me to politely say "Hello person who serves me food every once and a while, why do you do your job poorly?"

In a busy fast food place no less.

That doesn't exactly work, dude.  Also, I understand how hard it is to work the counter.  But I also understand that every other person who works at that particular McDonalds doesn't screw up my stuff... so it can't be *impossible* to do it right, y'know? :P

Trae Dorn
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