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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Summer's End
Posted Oct 30, 2009 - 9:26:55

An Autumn Tree Saturday, for those of you who may have forsaken calendars and decided to live in holes (although if either of those things are true you wouldn't know what day Saturday was and you must have a solid WiFi connection to be reading this in the first place) is October 31st. In other words, Saturday is the day most call Halloween, and some of us call Samhain.

Samhain, quite literally, means Summer's End. In the Wiccan faith (of which I am a member, for those confused) it is the night where the God dies (to be reborn on Yule). Many believe that it is the day that all the souls who died throughout the year pass on to the next life, and the walls between worlds are at their thinnest.

Most importantly though, it's about change.

The world is changing into winter, the leaves have fallen, and the growing season is over. It's a reminder that the only constant in life is change itself, and that we must not hold on to things when it is the right time for them to pass.

I don't really have some grand commentary or correlation to draw for you. Today I'm not actually looking at this as some metaphor for something specific in my life -- I'm sure I could draw some contrived parallel, but it would be a stretch and barely relevant. Instead I merely draw reference to a general feeling I've had for the last several years.

I know it comes from the Christian Requiem Mass, but the latin line "De Morte Transire Ad Vitam" seems apt in this case. "From Death We Move Into Life." Change is not the enemy, and we can't be afraid of it... we have to embrace it to move onto better things.

What alternative do we have?
- Traegorn

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Me being randomly curious wish to ask who is "the GOD"?  If you feel that it is in appropriate to answer I understand...
In Wicca there are two Dieties -- the Goddess and the God. I wrote a whole FAQ about this stuff that you can feel free to refer to Calvsie. :P
Memento mori it is then

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