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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Ken and Jen's Wedding (Vlog 4.2)
Posted Oct 26, 2009 - 10:19:46

So this last weekend Crysta and I flew out to Washington DC for my sister Jennifer's Wedding. I didn't get much footage, but Crysta did get a little footage for me. This video is actually mostly the toast that my brother David and I gave at the wedding reception - where he talked, and I performed an "interpretive dance" about whatever he said. Yes, I know, we're weird.

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Music in this entry was the Happy Wednesday track "His Tentacled Glory" because... well... I couldn't think of anything better to use for this video. I could have recorded a whole new song for this video like I did for Kyle's Wedding video, but I really wanted to get this online as quickly as I could.

Crysta and I flew out to Washington DC on Friday morning from the Twin Cities (so yes, we did have to drive two hours to the airport... which isn't that fun). While we sat in at the gate with a bit of time to spare, Headline News kept playing the story about the Northwest Airlines pilots who forgot to land in at the Minneapolis Airport... and of course, we were flying Northwest ourselves. Needless to say, it filled me with confidence.

We successfully got to DC though and checked into our hotel once we got there. Friday afternoon and evening was spent at the rehearsal (as my brother and I were the ushers) and rehearsal dinner. Everything went smoothly, and we went back to the hotel. Crysta and I could have gone out that night, but we were exhausted -- so we just stayed in.

On Saturday the wedding went off without a hitch, and I would describe it as a wholly successful event. The wedding was at the Unitarian Church, and the reception at Aria Trattoria. It was an evening of song, dance, food and wine... and quite a bit of fun.

On Sunday Crysta and I checked out of our hotel room and went to the airport. We left early on the off chance our cab would be slow navigating around the Marine Corps Marathon, and got to the airport with quite a bit of time to spare. Unfortunately, our plane was then subsequently delayed by two hours as Minneapolis visibility was low and due to construction only one runway was operating.

So we waited.

Two extra hours.

But we finally took off, and the flight was fine (except for the small child who kept kicking the back of my seat). We landed safely and drove back to Eau Claire. In the end, I would say it was a very good weekend - but because of Sunday, I will be glad to not see the inside of an airport for a while.
- Traegorn

Post a Comment sister took away my toast for her wedding...I think she feared that I would say something about our me trying to kill her with baby asprin...stuff like that

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