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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Bit of Travelling
Posted Oct 23, 2009 - 7:10:23

Introducing stick-figure Glenn Danzig After this particular stick figure cartoon, may it never be said that I don't give the people what they want. Will I keep doing stick figure cartoons after this entry? I don't know honestly. It depends on whether or not I think of anything particularly funny really... so all signs point to "maybe."

This post is going up right as I leave Eau Claire for the weekend. Where am I going? To Washington DC for my sister Jennifer's wedding.

It's actually quite exciting - and while I usually use the word "exciting" sarcastically, I actually mean it this time. Crysta and I will take my Ford Escort of Doom to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport (which is where we are flying out from).

I hate airports, and this is the part I'm not looking forward to. It's funny, I'm not afraid of the actual flying at all. Flying is just Newtonian Physics in action. That stuff just works. My thoughts on Airports though? Airports are run by people. People screw up all the time.

I know this weekend is Geek.kon, and I wish I could go to that as well. I do know that most of the readers of TRHOnline will be in Geek.kon attendance, so let me know if it's good this year. I know that Biedermann and Katie are going to try to record an episode of The Earl McCoy Show while they're there, but technical difficulties may cause that not to happen.

I cross my fingers that I can give you guys an episode on Monday.

So enjoy Geek.kon, those who can attend, and I'll see you at Daisho Con if you really miss me. Crysta and I will be having a good old time with my family in our nation's capital though, so I don't think I'm getting a bad deal out of this.

Am I excited? Yes I'm excited. It's weird to say that word and mean it.

I wrote this last night and almost forgot to post it this morning. I actually drove a block and turned around just so I could put this online. I'm fairly certain that Crysta thinks I'm insane for doing so -- but that's really just how things go some days.

Be safe this weekend everyone.
- Traegorn

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