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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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My Favorite Internet Stalker
Posted Oct 21, 2009 - 9:24:11

DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO ME! So those of you who read my Twitter Feed/Facebook status may have noticed that my "Favorite Internet Stalker" has been rattling the saber again and generally just attempting to get my attention. I won't mention who he is or what his deal is - long time readers should be able to piece it together and you can still find my original craptacular article on TRHOnline. He stopped actively bothering me for the most part quite a while ago, but since then, every month or two, he shows up on TRHOnline and registers a bunch of random usernames for no apparent reason.

He must think that this is a massive annoyance or something, but for the most part it actually just puzzles the heck out of me.

For those who don't know, I wrote an article highly critical of his site and online business (i.e. I called him a scammer and a rip off artist). This article now shows up rather highly on search engine results for the pseudonym he runs that particular business under. This article, I assume, likely injured his business and continues to do so. I doubt that particular identity is as profitable as his other scam websites now (which he has several), so I can see exactly why he doesn't like me.

He came after me online, and the feud lasted for months and months. The aftermath of this situation other than producing a few headaches at one point, didn't actually do anything to damage me in the long run. He had to learn that when every slander you throw at someone can be easily disproven, it's hard to keep people listening. On the other hand, he lost money in a fight that he effectively picked (I would have never written the article if he hadn't personally harassed me online -- if you read the original article, HE started the fight, I published defensively).

In the end, when he and I tangled, all I had to lose was dignity and time -- he had money at stake.

This would make me think that the most profitable course of action for my not-friend would be to stay away from me and my site. If I'm only posting articles after he sends me things, the smart thing to do is not send me things. If I have no new material, I don't write anything.

Yet here he comes again, a man I never think about, trying to remind me he's out there. Well, I noticed you. Are you happy now? Did my little bit of attention placate your ego? Is that all?

Then please go away. Some of us have lives we'd like to get back to, and it seems to me like the best action for everyone is to leave the other one alone.

How does this not make sense?
- Traegorn

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at first I thought this was about some one else entirely...
Who did you think I was talking about Calvsie?

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