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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Imagining versus Executing
Posted Sep 21, 2009 - 14:09:46

RoofOn Sunday morning, at quite literally the crack of dawn, a bunch of us gathered in the parking lot to my apartment building. There were nine of us, six bicycles, my beat up Ford Escort, some terrible leather jackets, a lot of duct-tape, a tripod and (most importantly) one small digital HD camcorder.

It was time to make a movie.

Specifically, we were out shooting what is probably the most technically ambitious "plot video" we've ever done for No Brand Con, the much beloved Anime convention that I helped co-found and still find time to pitch in for. I've been involved in the production of these videos for years to various degrees. I end up either performing in, writing, directing, editing, or (as is the case this year) doing all four. This year Tyler took over shooting, and I would credit him as co-director... if we ever bothered crediting anyone for anything around these parts.

This year's plot is interesting. Without giving too much away (as the story isn't meant to premiere until January), this year's No Brand Con is themed the "No Brand Apocalypse." Normally, it would be many months before we shot frame one of footage, but we needed nice weather for this first video... so a September shoot had to happen.

The No Brand Con stories, as much as I love doing them, are by necessity limited in scope. Three episodes on video is the golden length. The first should set up the theme, the second introduce the conflict, and the third should bridge it to the convention itself. The fourth act, which is rarely seen on the internet, is then performed live at the convention itself.

It's an easy formula that we've hammered down over the last few years.

Everytime I produce one of these films for the convention I find myself wanting to do more though. Inspired by online productions like LG15, The Guild and Dr. Horrible, I dream of telling a larger story.

Eventually life catches up with me though, and nothing ever happens. I come up with several ideas (and in some cases bounce them off of Crysta), but in the end I find myself occupied with trying to get ten other things done. I need to change this attitude though. At the very least I owe it to myself to actually put together a script... or something.

If I had that, at least if I never got around to filming it I could transform it into serialized fiction or something.

Anything is better than not trying in the first place.
- Traegorn

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