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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I don't work there.
Posted Aug 19, 2009 - 21:11:48

 This entry is about two things, but the title sums up both of them fairly succinctly. The second thing I'll talk about is an odd phenomenon where people always assume I work places, but what I'll actually start with is what Crysta and I did on Sunday.

This weekend I came into possession of a new used car. It's a little Ford Escort, and while it's miles away from the big red van of doom which it's replacing (aka Spaceship 3), it reminds me of my days driving a late nineties Saturn. On an odd whim, I suggested to Crysta that we go for a drive through Whitehall. Most people know that I used to work for 3 Sons Studio (which was one of my favorite places to work and Tamra is very cool), and at one point 3 Sons' office was located in Whitehall until the building we were in turned out to have a massive leak in its roof. I was curious to see if anything had changed in Whitehall, and I mostly just missed seeing that little town that I used to drive the 40 minutes to every day.

Oddly enough, Crysta agreed to indulge my random impulse, so we hopped in the little Ford and hit the road. I drove us down Highway 53, through Osseo, to Whitehall. The route was as beautiful as I remembered, and the winding bits let me good a solid feel for my new car.

When we got to Whitehall, I parked us on a side road behind Clipper's Foodliner, next to the Subway. We walked over to vacant storefront that once was the old 3 Sons Studio office. It was vacant, and it's clear that no one has moved in since 3 Sons moved out. The graphics for the web design company were still up on the window, and the broken coffee pot was still just sitting there.

After poking around town, we stopped by the Kwik Trip in Whitehall to use the bathroom and pick up some road snacks. From there, we took 121 over to Independence, and turned onto 93 (and drove by the big red church). We took 93 back home, and enjoyed the rest of the drive.

It was a fun bit of nostalgia for me, jumping back to something that was an every day experience for me in the fall of 2007.

In a totally unrelated subject, there is this weird thing where I get constantly mistaken for an employee of whatever place I go to. It's been happening for years, and it never ceases to astound me. If I'm in a retail store, I am constantly asked for help by people and I have to tell them, "Sorry, I don't work here."


Just today, I stopped by Festival Foods to grab some food during my lunch break. While walking down an aisle, an older woman asks me if I work in the meat department. I smiled and told her that I didn't work there, and she apologized. But as I said, this isn't new. I remember at times when I was in college, and random people mistook me for a member of building staff.

Most of the time, people just act a little embarrassed when I tell them I don't work places. Oddly enough, this isn't always their reaction. During the Christmas season, I actually actively avoid retail because I've actually had people get mad at me because I don't work places. I don't get that honestly. Why are you mad at me for not working somewhere? I mean I understand being frustrated in not being able to get a salesperson to help you, but why take it out on some random guy who is also just trying to get some shopping don?

It boggles the mind.
- Traegorn

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"Oddly enough"?

I do like mini-road trips, I just like having a little bit of a heads up about them before we go  :)
It is strange that you get confused for an employee.  Your clothing style, while well-suited for street wear, doesn't exactly scream 'Welcome to Wal-Mart, how can I help you.'

On a related note, I often thionk people work at Target when they wear red shirts, especially when paired with khakis.  Perhaps It's a copincidence, but it seems people who shop at Target like to wear red shirts and khakis moreso than in other stores.  Maybe it's my imagination.

Funny we just got a new Forester this we need a new No Brand Hero sticker
They thought you worked in the meat department? ... were you at the time wearing a white coat and hat for your other job or something?? †random blood & meat stains?

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