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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy
Posted June 24, 2009 - 13:32:50

THIS ART IS TERRIBLE!So, I've been busy as heck lately, and a lot has been going on. As I mentioned in my last entry, I recently started a new job (which is pretty much my old job, only I'm no longer a temp). It is, of course, sucking up my free time and has prevented me from getting website updates out the door as often as I like. Sorry, but most days the rest of my life takes priority.

And I know that twenty days is a long time to go between updates for me (well, it used to be at least), and I wish I could make promises about writing more... but every single time I do I always end up going back on them in the end. So, this time I'll just shrug and say, "You get what you get."

On the upside, I will have a new vlog up in the next couple of days (as I shot the footage for it on Saturday). What happened Saturday? Well, Vomit Hat Steve's current band "Zombie Dog" came through town and did a show at the Zombie House. I'll be tossing up a vlog about it, as previously mentioned, as well as tossing up some videos in the oft neglected "Music" section of the website. It was a decent show, and I think that the video I took turned out at least halfway decent.

Trust me, you'll enjoy it.

The art that accompanies this particular post is a random drawing of my character from Biedermann's Returner's FFRPG campaign. The campaign starts tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to gaming again, as I haven't done so for several months. I won't talk about the actual character so much as talk about the dang picture though. Can I mention how out of frickin' practice I am at producing art? I swear, my inking was just sub-par in this case... geh. I'm so not used to doing this anymore, that the whole thing fell far below my personal standards. I think I'm going to need to get back to drawing more to at least prevent myself from getting any worse.

Must. Draw. More.

I sometimes just wish I had about five more hours in the day. Imagine how much I could get done if the day was just slightly longer. I might have time to produce more episodes of 3DO To Go, shoot more Ask Executrons, or even work on that neglected novel of mine...

Who am I kidding, I'd just sit and watch more television. I'm not procrastinating because there isn't enough time... I'm procrastinating because I'm exhausted.

Such is life.

In unrelated news to anything I've talked about, Crysta and I went and saw "Up" last night with Pink Ranger, Belkie, and two of their friends. The movie was fantastic, although the damned 3D glasses gave me a headache that still hasn't gone away. While this particular method of 3D may produce the best looking image for the cost, it causes me a good amount of pain.

On the other hand, the movie looked awesome.

I will say that the movie will also bring tears to your eyes. It is not a film for those who are against films that evoke emotional reactions. Go see Transformers if you're afraid of those.

...although it would be awesome if THAT movie was in 3D. Oh well...
- Traegorn

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