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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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You've got the Touch! You've got the Powaaaah!
Posted May 18, 2009 - 11:31:41

I'm not usually one to post videos by other people in my blog, but when I ran across this I couldn't help but think that it was so awesome that I had to share it. What would inspire me to do something like that? Well, clearly it's because Stan Bush has re-recorded and updated "The Touch" in an attempt to get it added to the "Revenge of the Fallen" soundtrack. See what I mean:

Click Here If Video Doesn't Load

Now, that's the embeddable version. Prior to that edit, they had released this version of the music video, which (as David Willis is apt to point out) has an oddly cheerful guitarist compared to the rest of the ensemble.

"The Touch," for the five people who might read my blog that haven't seen the original 1980s "Transformers: The Movie" is a song Stan Bush had on the soundtrack (he also had a song called "Dare" on it). The Touch was an awesomely 80s song, and you can catch the original music video for it here if you aren't familiar with it. Stan Bush had a few other songs on a few other soundtracks (mostly Jean-Claude Van Damme films), but the world will remember him for his contributions to the Transformers franchise.

Because Stan won't let you forget about it.

Mind you, I have nothing but respect for the man, but he's made his entire career revolve around a soundtrack from an animated movie from the 1980s. I honestly don't blame him though, as Transfans seem more than willing to buy his stuff (or else I assume he'd look elsewhere). Botcon, the official Transformers Convention, went so far as to have him write the convention theme song "'Til All Are One."

I think Transfans have a weird thing with Stan Bush. In moves that would reek of desperation with most people, Transformers fans have for an odd reason embraced Stan Bush's blatant shilling. It's almost as if a "He's OUR aging rocker" attitude prevails. It's very, very odd. It doesn't matter if his songs are good or not even.

Although, I will admit, I actually like the updated version of "The Touch."

In more personal news, if anyone was wondering about whether or not I've been sleeping, the answer is yes. Said friend communicated with me, and while the situation may or may not actually be resolved, at least I understand what happened now. This is the advantage to having sane, rational friends: when they're mad and they explain it to you it makes perfect sense. And yes, I was totally in the wrong and missing something obvious in this one.

We Live and Learn.
- Traegorn

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