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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Ludicrous Nature of Life
Posted Mar 24, 2009 - 21:42:33

F**KThe universe has me shaking my head at the moment. I sit in incredulous disbelief at the circumstances that have danced through my life lately, yet they have occurred and are likely to continue. Why you ask? Because this is the very nature of some people, and they lack the ability to act any other way. It's silly, occasionally childish, and down right stupid.

Yet it keeps happening.

I say to a person, "Don't do [example thing]. It is vitally important that no matter what happens, you do not do [example thing]. In fact, when in doubt, just understand that [example thing] is the WRONG thing to do." They nod at me and say the understand. They tell me that they agree that [example thing] should not be done, and that anyone who does [example thing] clearly needs a talking to.

And then two days later they proceed to do [example thing].

It's insane. Absolutely insane. There is no way that I can begin to explain to you my exasperation on the subject. I mean, seriously, are these people mentally handicapped and have been just doing a very good job at hiding it? Do these people have a severe mental defect that I just never noticed before?

Are they pod people?

I mean, seriously, how is anyone this dense? I mean, sure, in some of these cases I shouldn't have expected any better. I should have just assumed they'd screw it all up and nothing good would come of it... but I give them a second chance. I occasionally give them a third chance.

And in some cases, I think I've given this one guy his 37th chance at this point.

But none of it seems to make a difference. I mean, I'm the guy in charge. I'm supposed to be leading them, and I think that in most ways I am (and doing a good job). And for the most part, my crew is a bunch of bright, well intentioned people who are more than capable of getting the job done.

And then there are a few of them that just don't get it.

Of course, these people are all volunteers, so I have to cut them slack. And the ones who do it out of ignorance are the ones who I give that 38th chance to. What I can't stand are the couple who I'm fairly certain are doing things on purpose. I have no tolerance for ego, selfishness, or pettiness -- and if I find out that anyone is screwing around on purpose...

...well... none of them have ever seen me angry. And someone might get a rude awakening.

But I digress. The pressure is on, and there's officially one month left before No Brand Con this year. If I survive that long, it will be a damned good time.

Let's just concentrate on that.
- Traegorn

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oh cheese please tell me I'm not one of these people...

this nbc forum related isn't it...

do you need to be glomped?
At the moment it's not you Calvsie. :P

And I never need to be glomped.
Well, Trae, just remember, if human idiocy runs too rampant, there's a bar or two downtown, and I'd be happy to spot you a drink.
trae just needs cookies. or french silk pie.
Nah, if you were doing a bad job, I'd be whining all over the place like crazy. You'd get really annoyed and want to smack me probably. In the end I would most likely buy some ice cream even if I wasn't very hungry.

- Alex

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