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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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MarsCon 2009 (Vlog 3.13)
Posted Mar 15, 2009 - 19:38:18

This year, like many years before, a bunch of us from No Brand Con ventured to MarsCon (the one in Bloomington, MN) to run a room party. I didn't get a lot of footage, so this video is fairly short -- but we had a very good time.

Click Here If Video Doesn't Load

Music in this entry was, of course, the Happy Wednesday version of the Hokey Pokey that I'm so fond of using on regular intervals.

I know it's been a week since MarsCon, and usually I'm better at getting these up faster, but things have been too hectic to keep up a little... and I spent my video editing time last weekend working on No Brand Con 2009: Episode 1.

The story for this MarsCon goes the same as most other MarsCons for us. We show up, we get our room, we run a party, we have fun, and we go home. All in all, a very fun time if not very much of a story to tell when we get back.

This year we only ended up with one room, so the party was smaller (and we had to sleep there as well). That said, the No Brand Con room party was probably the most popular con-run party on the floor. OddCon didn't even show up this year.

Which is too bad, since they missed out on the fun.

I wish I had some grand story to tell you, I wish I had some grand hiccup in events to entertain you with. Sadly, I'm left with merely telling you that once again we missed an exit on the freeway and got mildly detoured because of it... but other than that, everything went smoothly.

Again, it makes for a great time for us, but not so much a great time to read about.
- Traegorn

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